Since the Legacy 500's maximum cabin altitude is 6,000 ft. at FL 450, passengers will experience less high-altitude fatigue on missions as long as 6-7 hr. Embraer also is focusing on minimizing cabin sound levels, also helping passengers to arrive more rested.

Honeywell will provide its Ovation Select cabin management system that incorporates an Ethernet architecture and features 1080p HD video, surround sound, multiple media inputs and Wi-Fi. Gogo Biz, Iridium and Inmarsat satcom connectivity solutions will be available.

What's missing? Honeywell has yet to embrace the Apple revolution in cabin management and AV entertainment systems. Company officials say they're looking into Apple device compatibility, but for now Rockwell Collins is stealing the show with its Airshow app for iPads and iTunes/Apple TV audiovisual on-demand (AVOD) system that's becoming available for its Venue CMS/AV systems.

Embraer is positioning the Legacy 500 in the narrow niche between the longer-range midsize class and the super-midsize class. As such, the aircraft has a slightly smaller cabin cross-section and shorter cabin length than its two main super-midsize competitors, the Bombardier Challenger 300 and Gulfstream G280. Overall cabin volume is 820 cu. ft. compared with 860 cu. ft. for the Challenger 300 and 935 cu. ft. for the G280. But it also has 30-75 min. less endurance compared respectively to those competitors, so cabin size is well matched to range performance.

Compared to midsize competitors in the 3,000-nm range class, such as the new Cessna Citation Sovereign and Gulfstream G150, the Legacy 500's cabin is wider, taller and longer, plus it has a flat floor. Cabin volume also is one-third to three-quarters bigger.

The standard interior features a forward galley with sink, fore and aft four-seat club sections, and a full-width aft lav with hot and cold running water, vanity sink and vacuum toilet, a feature it shares only with the G280. Each pair of facing chairs converts into a virtually flat berth. The aircraft offers the largest cabin windows in this class and each transparency is positioned next to a seat for the best view.

The right-side forward galley has a standard sink with a 4-gal. fresh water tank and hot and cold running water. The standard configuration has an ice drawer and multiple storage compartments.

Embraer has a long list of cabin options. Optional cabin configurations offer a forward flight attendant's seat, left and/or right aft three-place divans and a belted potty seat. Galley options include AC power outlets for appliances, video monitor and dinnerware storage. Adjustable lumbar support, heating and massage functions are available for individual passenger chairs.

Carry-on luggage and bulk baggage capacity long have been design priorities for Embraer Executive Jets. The Legacy 500 has a heated and pressurized 40-cu.-ft. luggage compartment just aft of the lavatory and a 110-cu.-ft. unpressurized external aft baggage compartment.