DEFENSE: Global hotspots and country-by-country analyses of national priorities, budgets and programs. See pages 38-47.

MILITARY AVIATION: Rivals upgrade their combat aircraft as the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter begins to gain international traction. Special missions become a key part of transport market. See pages 58-67.

UNMANNED AIRCRAFT: Europe finally may be getting its act together on UAS, but China and civil developments are moving faster. See page 68.

AIR TRANSPORT: U.S. market consolidates, Europe's recovery lags, as Persian Gulf carriers' expansion ups international competition. See pages 98-115.

COMMERCIAL AIRCRAFT: The A350 and CSeries are set to join the new generation of airliners in service, as 777X work ramps up. See page 91.

AIR TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT: Automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) is poised to become a pervasive technology. See page 116.

MRO: Steady demand is forecast for airliner maintenance, with growth seen in engines, interiors and capacity in Asia. See pages 125-141.

BUSINESS AIRCRAFT: A raft of new products enters a divided market, still strong for larger jets and weak for lighter jets. See page 119.

ROTORCRAFT: Light helicopter market revives as manufacturers field new medium machines and eye faster rotorcraft. See pages 72-74.

ENGINES: Fuel-efficient engines continue to drive commercial developments, and demand, as military seeks savings. See page 75.

SPACEFLIGHT: SpaceX is poised to disrupt launch market as demand continues for high-throughput communications satellites. See pages 83-90.

TOP TECHNOLOGIES: Which commercial, defense and space technologies are set to make the headlines in 2014? See pages 78-82 and 121-124.