FAA will ask its Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee (ARAC) to look at engine bird ingestion requirements, a task it will describe in detail by mid-March in the Federal Register, Aviation Week has learned. And separately, FAA also will ask ARAC to examine issues related to transport aircraft performance and handling characteristics.

At an ARAC meeting March 5 in Washington, the panel also reported that a working group is nearing completion on proposals for rudder reversal training, but is still evaluating proposed rule changes for rudder-related aircraft structure and systems.

Excessive use of the rudder, beyond its design capabilities, has been identified as a contributing factor in several incidents and accidents, FAA said in assigning the project to the ARAC in March 2011.

The working group’s “Phase 2” work on the task, which will consider whether retrofits should be required for existing aircraft, will start this month, and the group’s report to the committee could be ready in six to nine months, ARAC says.