The European Union has set aside up to €12 million ($15.2 million) in research and technology funding in the latest call for proposals under the Clean Sky research program.

The allocation is part of a maximum of €36.5 million the research organization has set aside in its 11th round of Clean Sky funding. The largest number of proposals is likely in the Eco-Design for Airframe funding category and Systems for Green Operations—each with 14 different areas.

Within the engine domain, the bulk of the funding would be associated with open-rotor demonstrations, in particular activities related to pitch-change mechanism development for the system. Open-rotor-related activities also are being funded in other research and technology streams, including €2 million potentially for low-speed aerodynamic testing of a large, counter-rotating open-rotor aircraft model, the largest funding line in the latest call in the Smart Fixed-Wing Aircraft funding section. The deadline for submissions is April 3. This is the first call for research programs issued this year, with two or three more likely.