Desert Developer After little more than a decade, the King Abdullah II Design And Development Bureau (KADDB) of Jordan has built a portfolio of partnerships and products that is remarkable for its functional and global diversity. KADDB is owned by Jordan's defense ministry but run by a private-sector board. Its primary business model is to establish joint ventures with a worldwide group of medium and small companies—some are defense primes and some are not—to develop practical, affordable weapons tailored to regional needs. Manufacturing and modification work flows into Jordan and KADDB retains the rights to the technology and systems it invests in.

Projects include a light gunship based on the CASA/IPTN CN235, designed to support Jordan's border patrol forces and being developed with ATK. Jordan Light Vehicle Manufacturing LLC builds personnel carriers and reconnaissance vehicles, and is a joint venture between KADDB and British vehicle-armoring specialist Jankel. Another British partner is NP Aerospace, producing composite body armor. The RPG-32 Hashim rocket-propelled grenade is the product of a KADDB-Bazalt venture. KADDB has even sold patrol boats to Lebanon—the Riverhawk AMP-137, with a “sea frame” designed in the U.S. And another joint venture, with a Malaysian company, produces halal military rations. One of KADDB's most imposing products is the MAP II heavy armored personnel carrier, created by modification and upgrades on a British Centurion tank (see photo).