American Airlines is denying reports it is providing funds to relaunch Oneworld alliance partner Mexicana de AviaciĂłn.

Rumors of American’s involvement arose late April 15 when Mexican newspapers, citing “an official document” as yet released on any government or regulatory channel, reported American’s intent to partially fund TG Group’s takeover bid of the bankrupt carrier.

At the time, both American and Mexicana decided to stand back from the fray, citing policies to not comment on speculation. According to sources close to the carriers, neither side knew the source of the story, although both suspected subterfuge from an unknown party.

However, a statement purportedly from U.S. investment firm Perla Capital Group confirming American’s involvement forced a change to the airline’s policy.

Now, when contacted, the U.S. carrier flatly denies any involvement in funding Mexicana’s revival, and points to discrepancies in the “fraudulent” release to disprove its authenticity, including inaccurate heading and the use of Spanish for the statement and English for the company’s boilerplate description at the end of the statement.

So far, Mexican media continue to report American involvement, and neither Mexicana, TG Group nor Perla are available for comment.