Ovation Select, Honeywell's all-digital cabin management system, connects high-speed satellite communications with the latest consumer electronics, enabling passengers to bring aboard their personal devices and plug them in for inflight use. The system's architecture and Ethernet backbone facilitates end-to-end self-diagnostic and troubleshooting capability, and is scalable from general aviation aircraft up to and including air transport category business aircraft.

Controlling the total cabin environment is accomplished through enhanced icon-based, touch-screen interfaces that offer a similar look and feel, whether it's a full-size monitor, drink-rail-mounted personal control unit, wireless handheld remote, or personal iPad or iPod.

Ovation Select can be customized with unique user interface graphics and languages, including a 3-D model of an operator's aircraft rendered inside the JetMap HD moving map, which also features high-definition 3-D moving maps with worldwide 15-meter satellite imagery resolution. Users can view their flight path from up to 18 different perspectives, such as the view from the cockpit, passenger window or from an aerial surround view of their jet. Its zoom capabilities can deliver street-level details or the entire globe.