The Lumin CMS, developed by Cessna in partnership with Dallas-based Heads Up Technologies, features touch screens designed to blend into the cabin interior.

Lumin incorporates a scalable fiber-optic backbone, distributed processing, wireless, and digital content management technologies. Passengers use a touch screen to control cabin lighting, window shades, temperature, audio (digital media, MP3/iPhone), video (digital, Blu-ray) and an individual interactive moving map. The basic system includes the moving maps and USB/device inputs.

Options such as satellite radio, Blu-ray players, external cameras or high-speed Internet browsing can easily be added. The system incorporates digital audio libraries, Internet, seat-to-seat texting and cabin control functions.

Lumin technology powers the Clairity cabin technology system, which is standard on the new Cessna Citation Ten and optional on the new Cessna Citation M2. The Citation M2 provides a wireless app user interface, which can be accessed through smartphones and tablets.

Previously, Heads Up launched Premiere, a new IFE system designed specifically for small to midsize cabins. That system supports up to four independent passenger controls, while the Executive version provides capacity for eight. Passengers can select between audio and video sources, such as Blu-ray players, gaming equipment, satellite radio, MP3's and more. The passenger control panel has an integrated headphone jack and can be plated to match existing interiors. All monitors are high definition and support widescreen formats. Satellite radio is an option, and an auxiliary panel device provides for other media, such as gaming equipment and other personal audio/video entertainment devices.