Henry Canaday

Henry Canaday
AMS Looks To Enhance Software For MRO Shops
Aircraft Maintenance Systems released a major new version of its MRO tracking software designed to enhance back-end functions to keep the software technically fresh.
HPC Oils Run Hotter And Reduce Maintenance
More efficient engines usually operate at higher temperatures, and this can require better oils. Modern oils have been developed to run not only at higher temperatures, but also to reduce maintenance costs.
A Better Grease For High-Temperature Fasteners
Tiodize has developed new greases that work at temperatures up to 1,400F.
MRO Regulatory Challenges Anticipated In 2017 
The industry must coordinate international and national rules for maintenance-technician schools and foreign repair station drug/alcohol testing among others in the new year.
IFS Offers End-To-End Support Across The Globe
Enterprise and asset management software company IFS serves four distinct, diverse aerospace and defense markets.
Using Data To Get ‘More Time On Metal’ In MRO
The software that extracts data from maintenance management systems can boost the time mechanics actually spend working on aircraft by 30%.
Airlines Prioritize Data Analytics While OEMS, MROs Ramp Up Offerings  1
Where airline IT investment priorities lie and how OEMs and MROs are adapting their output.
A380 Engine Reliability High But Spare Parts Risk Arises  16
Engine Alliance GP7200 engines power 60% of the A380 fleet and will generate $4.2 billion in MRO spending over the next decade.
Software Reduces Line Time By ‘Democratizing Knowledge’
IBM software is being used streamline a technician’s notes—aka unstructured data—helping to discover the cause of a fault and apply the most effective prevention or repair strategy.
Applying Natural Learning Processing To Airbus Helicopters
Sydney-based 1Ansah is using natural language processing and machine learning to take advantage of a huge database for information and training while working on Airbus Helicopters.
Stratasys Stretches 3-D Plastic, Composite Technologies
Fused Deposition Modeling allows designers to create part geometries that would simply be impossible to make with traditional manufacturing techniques.
Standard Aero Goes Paperless For Efficiency 
Standard Aero plans expedited shop turnaround time.
Aircraft Spare Parts Pooling: Art Or Science?  1
It’s more complicated than it appears as to why airlines select different types of parts-pooling for various fleets.
Capturing different data formats from aircraft
How Rolls-Royce Uses SITAOnAir To Make Big Data Practical For Airlines
Transmitting, collecting and processing data as efficiently as possible is critical to leveraging Big Data in aviation.
WeChat interface to IRS applications
How IFS Leverages WeChat Mobile App To Ease Engineering Approvals
“Engineers use these applications in their everyday lives, so it makes sense to exploit them in the work environment.”
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