Henry Canaday

Henry Canaday
Getting Ready For Big MRO Data
MRO providers and OEMs are preparing to use data streaming from new aircraft and components to improve predictive maintenance, reducing failures and service disruptions for airline customers.
Irish Leasing Companies Expanding Aftermarket Options 
With steady growth in commercial aircraft leasing, Ireland-based lessors still dominate the global market, though MRO to support leases may be done elsewhere.
Multiple Ways Irish MROs Find Service Niches 
Ireland-based independent MROs, with the benefit of low costs and proximity to Europe, are strong competitors in many service areas, notably leasing support.
DolphiTech Using Ultrasound For Composite Material Inspections 
Ultrasound camera developed by DolphiTech proving its value for detecting defects in composites.
UAVs And Robotics Move Into MRO 7
Innovation is happening at major MROs, on the line at airlines and among engineers in the many small companies that supply or support aircraft maintenance around the world.
Alternative Data Transmission Means For Airlines
Connecting aircraft in flight with the ground in a truly robust fashion enables massive amounts of data to reach the ground in time to improve operations and assist timely maintenance decisions; for instance, by pre-positioning skilled mechanics, materials and tools at the gate before landing.
Metrics To Consider Before Negotiating A Flight-Hour Component Agreement 2
Negotiating a favorable flight-hour component deal requires paying close attention to multiple variables and metrics.
Better Inspections Will Mean Lighter, More Fuel-Efficient Aircraft
CSEM’s Evita project developing technology to improve inspections for carbon-fiber airframe and engine structures.
How Soon Will Faster Inflight Connections Come?  2
. . . and what data issues should airlines be aware of?
Mid-Life Aircraft Seen Differently Given Fuel Prices, Passenger Demand 
Lower fuel prices and growing airline traffic mean fewer aircraft retirements and tear-downs, but prices for used parts are generally likely to remain stable
Boeing 737-800 Delivering on Low-Cost Scheduled Maintenance
Shorter and less frequent hangar visits help make the 737-800 popular with airlines.
Mexican MRO Expanding With Domestic And Foreign Investment  1
MRO providers in Mexico expanding, as commercial airline growth creates new opportunities for investment in maintenance activities
Next-Gen Aircraft: Yanking The MRO Supply Chain 
Intracompany integration is key to garnering next-gen aircraft MRO work, say many industry watchers.
PW4000 Engine Overhauls Will Generate $9 Billion 2015-19 
MRO market for the Pratt & Whitney PW4000, which is both competitive and lucrative, will involve over 2,700 shop visits during 2015-19.
Africa Opening To Outsiders For Aftermarket Services 
Although airline growth in Africa creates opportunities for MRO providers, logistics, training and other obstacles remain.

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