Henry Canaday

Henry Canaday
ThingWorx Brings Internet Of Things To Predix
PTC and GE Digital are expanding their strategic alliance to bring integrated solutions to the industrial Internet of Things market. The companies will develop a suite of PTC ThingWorx applications for GE’s Predix industrial internet operating system and jointly market the combined technologies.
IFS & Maintenix: Flexible And Seamless

The purchase of Mxi Technologies by IFS is still revealing some very interesting possibilities. IFS Aerospace and Defense Director Graham Grose notes that Mxi’s Maintenix has been a best-of-breed aviation maintenance management system, installed for nearly 20 years alongside the leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. So a mature gateway has been built to connect Maintenix to ERPs used by Maintenix clients.

Another Approach To Monitoring Engine Health?
High-tech sensors and systems may not be the only way to monitor engine health. Pratt & Whitney Canada has embarked on a project called Oil Analysis Technology
Regulatory Update, Feb 12-Feb 19
The Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia’s Part 61 Solutions Taskforce has released its closure report summarizing efforts of the Taskforce and the Industry Advisory Panel (IAP) to resolve flight crew licensing issues.
Colombian MRO Looks For Narrowbody Partner
Indaer MRO, based in Medellin, Colombia, had a very successful 2016 that ended in releasing TAME’s ATR 42 following a major structural inspection.
Volga-Dneper Looks For Growth in Home Market
Volga-Dnepr Technics Moscow (VDTM) has steadily increased its engineers and technicians. From 2014 to 2016, headcount increased by 27%, notes general director Evgenii Kochetov.
Regulatory Update, Feb 5-12

EASA has issued Airworthiness Directive CF-2013-15R2 on Bombardier DHC-8-102, -103, -106, -201, -202, -301, -311, -314 and -315, serial numbers 003 through 672, requiting installing a Beta Lockout System on propellers in accordance with Bombardier Service Bulletin 8-76-35, effective February 1, 2017.

Alkym and MRO Consulting Businesses To Stay With Seabury

In mid-January, it was announced that portions of the aviation consultancy Seabury Group would be acquired by Accenture.

Mexican Line MRO Spreads Its Wings

The Mexican economy may not be setting the world on fire, but led by LCCs like Volaris, Mexican aviation is enjoying healthy growth. That has spawned at least some successful support businesses that, like Volaris has, seek growth opportunities outside Mexico.

Improving Maintenance With Aggregated Aircraft Data

Technology changes will include adding more sensors to new components on new aircraft. But there also is a need to collect, analyze and download all the data now being generated, especially on older aircraft. 

Next Steps In Harnessing Big Data For MRO

Engine makers have been using sensor data to monitor and manage the maintenance of engines for a long time. The technology is rapidly expanding to other components, and as coverage expands, analytical sophistication is likely to improve as well. This revolution is just beginning, and it will bring many changes both on the ground and in the air.

A330s Need $78 Billion In MRO, Modifications Through 2026 
The A330 should generate $6 billion in MRO spending in 2017, rising to nearly $9 billion in 2026 as the in-service fleet grows.
Next Steps In Harnessing Big Data For MRO 
Sensor technology is enabling better monitoring of aircraft systems to support predictive MRO, but ground-based systems also need to evolve.
Improving Maintenance With Aggregated Aircraft Data 
Equipment such as UTC Aerospace Systems’ AID gather and exploit data that MROs can tap to provide better services.
Magnetic Has Plenty of Mod Capabilities to Display
After launch of virtual reality tech in its hangar, Estonian MRO has more modifications enhancements up its sleeve.
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