Henry Canaday

Henry Canaday
Where Are Narrowbody MRO Costs Heading? 
Mechanics wages and engine parts prices are rising, but real MRO cost per flight hour is decreasing.
MRO Providers Move Toward Digital Records, But Slowly 
Why the MRO industry is slow to dump paper and go digital.
Additive Manufacturing Could Disrupt A Lot of Aerospace Markets 12
Just as taxi service often improves when Uber and Lyft move into town, metal casting is being enhanced as additive competes with casting.
New MRO Regulations To Expect In 2018 
Regulators around the world still trying to remove any possibility for aviation accidents or losses of life.
Airline Insight: Interjet Seeks To Build Third-Party MRO Capabilities 
Mexican low-cost carrier Interjet bucks the trend, developing in-house maintenance capabilities.
Blockchain In MRO Could Happen Sooner Than You Think 
Blockchain could clear hurdles for some of the aviation aftermarket’s biggest hurdles, but has Bitcoin given blockhain a bad reputation?
HAECO, Finnair Ready For C Checks 

HAECO recently announced it would do the first C check on a Finnair Airbus A350 in the fourth quarter of 2017.

Jari Huhtinen, head of technical operations at Finnair, says he has a contract in place with HAECO to have C checks done on seven 7 A350s between October 2017 and October 2018.

MRO Moves Towards Predictive Maintenance In Stages
Accumulating operational and repair data to refine predictive tools will take time.
GKN Develops Large-Scale Additive Process 1
GKN is developing a large-scale additive manufacturing process that could significantly improve the manufacture of large titanium aerospace components.
Additive Manufacturing Design Tips For Aerospace
Use of additive manufacturing in aerospace will more than quadruple to over $3 billion in 2022 from this year's level.
Phasor Targets Flat Ku Antenna In Late 2018 
Premium passengers sleep better in those lie-flat seats in premium cabins. Airline chief financial officers would probably sleep better with light lie-flat antennas replacing the heavy radomes currently needed for satellite broadband communication.
What Does The Elephant Want? 1
The industry is confronting its elephant in the room: procuring sufficiently skilled aircraft technicians.
Honeywell Builds MyMaintainer Capabilities
Like other major component OEMs, Honeywell is increasingly involved in support and analysis of the systems it offers airlines. But the firm’s ambitions go beyond just analyzing sensor data and supporting its own products
Innovative Brings AI Tools To Predictive Maintenance
Start-up companies make their presence known in big data analytics designed for predictive maintenance functions.
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