Henry Canaday

Henry Canaday
Is Blockchain For Parts Getting More Real?
Everyone in aviation wishes all aircraft part records were digitized, but getting there is tough.
Nothing Artificial About How AI Is Transforming MRO 
How artificial intelligence is making aviation operations and maintenance more efficient and effective.
Asset Management In China Grows Up 1
Chinese leasing companies learn to plan better, now looking at engines, widebodies.
More And Smarter Sensors Are Coming 
Could the aviation industry be getting close to finding the holy grail of sensors, monitoring aircraft structures?
Pace Of Printing 3D Metal Aviation Parts Picking Up 
There is much more to come in additive manufacturing for aerospace as 3D metal parts proliferate.
Going Paperless For Productivity 
The many benefits of digital documentation of MRO work include faster work closure, more accurate/visible data and reduced data-management costs.
Middle East, Asia-Pacific Drive GE90 MRO Demand 
Middle East and Asia propel most GE90 aftermarket demand.
GE Expects Additive Metal To Transform Aerospace New-Make And Aftermarket 5
Engine OEM committed to new techniques, can help suppliers.
GE Expects Additive Metal To Transform Aerospace New-Make And Aftermarket
Engine OEM committed to new techniques, can help suppliers.
Overcoming Validation, Regulatory Challenges To Online Training 
Is online aviation maintenance training keeping up with industry needs?
Where Are Narrowbody MRO Costs Heading? 
Mechanics wages and engine parts prices are rising, but real MRO cost per flight hour is decreasing.
MRO Providers Move Toward Digital Records, But Slowly 
Why the MRO industry is slow to dump paper and go digital.
Additive Manufacturing Could Disrupt A Lot of Aerospace Markets 12
Just as taxi service often improves when Uber and Lyft move into town, metal casting is being enhanced as additive competes with casting.
New MRO Regulations To Expect In 2018 
Regulators around the world still trying to remove any possibility for aviation accidents or losses of life.
Airline Insight: Interjet Seeks To Build Third-Party MRO Capabilities 
Mexican low-cost carrier Interjet bucks the trend, developing in-house maintenance capabilities.
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