Sikorsky has signed an agreement with on-demand helicopter service provider Blade that will give the Lockheed Martin company access to data on the urban air mobility (UAM) market.

Under the agreement, Associated Aircraft Group (AAG), Sikorsky’s private charter and fractional ownership subsidiary, will provide and operate a dedicated S-76C+ helicopter for New York-based Blade, which also will have access to AAG’s fleet of S-76s in the Northeast U.S. “Additionally, the agreement establishes a working group to explore how AAG can leverage Blade’s consumer, cockpit and operator technology platform,” according to a Sikorsky statement.

Blade enables customers to use a mobile app to book a seat, charter an aircraft or crowdsource a complete flight from heliports in Manhattan. Most trips are corporate flights to New York-area airports. Others are to corporate campuses in Connecticut, as well as longer flights to Boston, Philadelphia and Washington, says Will Heyburn, Blade’s head of corporate development.

Blade works with FAR Part 135-licensed helicopter operators. The agreement with Sikorsky is different, says Heyburn. “Lockheed Martin and Sikorsky want to study urban air mobility, and we are the only people in the U.S. doing it today. We fly the exact routes future UAM vehicles will fly, so they can learn the use cases,” he says. “We will share all the data and they will use the insights to plan future vehicles.”