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Skills: Engineering (hardware/software)

Career Summary:

Retired USN CWO with twenty one years in the US Navy. Recruit Company Commander Assistant, OS/'A' School Instructor, PRECOM USS Belknap (CG-26) second time, PRECOM crew first Aegis Cruiser.  Combat System Test Team member on both platforms, Air Intercept Controller with over 1,000 intercepts mostly with F-14A Tomcats, Five years of Aegis Test & Evaluation at CSEDS, Moorestoen, NJ. (B/L-1 to B/L-4.1), 9-years at B-1B Lancer Bomber Simulator System Dyess AFB, TX.

Specialties: Aegis Combat System Test

Current Roles:

Retired, Safety


US Navy (various) to numerous to list here
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