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Scott Shipley

Vice President, WxOps, Inc.

Skills: Physics, Mathematics

Career Summary:

Dr. Shipley has a B.A. in Physics from Beloit College, with Masters and Ph.D. degrees in Meteorology from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. He joined NASA Langley Research Center for 6 years, then moved to private industry in 1986. His 20+ years of experience with private industry includes STX/Hughes, Raytheon, and Earth Resources Technology. Dr. Shipley joined the Department of Geography at George Mason University in 1991. He founded WxAnalyst in 2007 and formed WxOps as a joint venture of WxAnalyst and in 2010.

Scott is known for his work in lidar (co-inventor of the High Spectral Resolution Lidar) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). He assisted NOAA's National Weather Service in its development of ASOS, NEXRAD and AWIPS, and served as Raytheon's Program Lead for Cal/Val and algorithms with the NPOESS Satellite Ground System. Scott is also co-inventor (with Crabill & Dash) of the first Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) aka "Pilot Weather Advisor", US Patent No. 5,265,024 (1993).

Most recently, Scott has pioneered COLLADA techniques for 4-Dimensional geoscience applications using geobrowsers such as Google Earth and NASA World Wind.  The WxAzygy(R) Transparent Interface and COLLADA Computing(TM) have been made possible by NASA and NOAA SBIR funding. These technologies are included in Hawaiian Airline's EFB aka OpsTablet(TM), which is being deployed to Hawaiian's fleet of A330's and B767's.

Specialties: Meteorology, Oceanography, Geology, Space Environment, GIS

Current Roles:

CIO, Weather Products


PhD, University of Wisconsin - Madison


MS, University of Wisconsin - Madison
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