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AIV Senior Engineer Bepi Colombo spacecraft, European Space Agency

Skills: Working with different cultural environment, multi-lingual, team management, solution finder

Career Summary:

Presently: In charge of Assembly, Integration and Test of the Bepi Colombo spacecraft at ESA

2009 - 2012: AIV and Functionnal Verification Senior Engineer LISA PAthfinder Spacecraft at ESA

2005-2009: AIV and Payload Engineer Planck Spacecraft at ESA

2001-2006: System and Payload Engineer Herschel/Planck Spacecraft at ESA

1996-2001: Mechanical/Thermal and Optical Engineer Herschel/Planck at ESA

1993-1996: AIV and Thermal Engineer ISO Spacecraft at ESA

1991-1993: Launch Mission Engineer at Arianespace

1990-1991: Mechanical Engineer Hermes Spaceplane at CNES

1982-1990: Mechanical Engineer Ariane 3/4/5 at CNES

1979-1982: Stress Engineer AIRBUS A310 at Sonaca

Specialties: Mechanical, Thermal, Optical, Functionnal Verification Engineering

Current Roles:

Spacecraft Assembly, Integration and Test, Planning, Senior Engineer participating in Technical Evaluation of new contracts


Mechanical Civil Engineer, University of Louvain Belgium


Aerospace Engineer, ESTAE France
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