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Arianespace CEO Urges Europe To Mull Manned Spaceflights Commented on: 6 days ago (September 16, 2018)

Europe should have a man in space before third-world country India. If not, it will be a huge blow to European morale and self confidence.

Ariane 6 On Track For 2020 Debut Following Key Design Review Commented on: 1 week ago (September 10, 2018)

What if SpaceX eats Ariane 6's lunch and those six commercial launches fail to materialize?

Boeing’s NMA: The Jury Is Still Out Commented on: 10 weeks ago (July 13, 2018)

I'm wondering if Boeing wouldn't be better off introducing a successor to the 50+ year old 737 instead. They can't keep 'upgrading' this aging aircraft forever, under the skin it's still the same...

Aerion Closes In On Supersonic AS2 Program Launch Commented on: 11 weeks ago (July 4, 2018)

Mach 1.4 isn't all that much faster than today's Mach 0.96 business jets. I doubt people are willing to pay a premium just to say that they've traveled 'faster than the speed of sound.'


GoFly Challenge Unveils First-Round Designs For Personal Flying Device Commented on: 13 weeks ago (June 17, 2018)

People are gonna get killed by this competition.

Europe Accelerates Studies On Reusable Launchers Commented on: 21 weeks ago (April 23, 2018)

Ariane 6 won't survive for long as SpaceX will severely undercut its price. There are already indications that the European Commission wants to mandate all European satellite providers to launch...

ULA Chief Sees Future In Refuelable In-space Propulsion Module Commented on: 23 weeks ago (April 10, 2018)

It's basically a computer animation, not something that would work in real life.

Webb Space Telescope Drifts Toward 2020 Liftoff, Cost Cap Breach Commented on: 24 weeks ago (April 2, 2018)

JWST should never have been build if the technologies weren't mature to begin with, otherwise you're basically writing a blank check. I keep wondering why the science goals were set so high in the...

U.S. Says It Can Meet Threat From Russia’s New Nuclear Weapons Commented on: 27 weeks ago (March 12, 2018)

I see the Russian arms buildup as a response to the U.S. BMD program, so I'm not surprised in the least. The Russians feel rightfully threatened by a capability that negates their nuclear...

eVTOL Gains Momentum in Mainstream Rotorcraft World Commented on: 28 weeks ago (March 5, 2018)

I'm surprised that the Lilium wasn't mentioned in the article, one of the most promising designs I've seen in this category.

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