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Thierry Dubois

France Bureau Chief,
Aviation Week Network

Thierry Dubois covers French aerospace for Aviation Week & Space Technology.

Thierry graduated in fluid dynamics in Toulouse in the mid-1990s. Looking for a job in aerospace, he found his first one in 1997 with French weekly Air & Cosmos. In 2000, he moved to Lyon, where he became a freelancer for several English- and French-language publications. These included AIN, Rotor & Wing, Aviation Maintenance, Science & Vie and Aerobuzz. Thierry's main focus has long been technology.

Propeller Manufacturers Aim For Technology Improvements 
Despite a poor image with the flying public, propeller-driven aircraft are more efficient than jets and propeller technology is continuing to improve.
France Creates Space Command To Help Bid To Be Third Space Power 
Feeling mounting threats against its space assets, French government launches dedicated defense effort.
French Government Unveils Space Defense Strategy  1
“Space is a new front,” Florence Parly, French minister of armed forces, said while presenting the long-awaited plan.
Safran Back To Square One In Business Aviation  1
Hemisphere termination puts hold on Safran’s business jet market ambitions, despite positive results from recent tests of upgraded Silvercrest compressor.
French IoT Startup’s Satellite Production Underway 
Production has begun on the first nanosatellites to be operated for internet-of-things applications by Kineis, a startup created last year with support from French space agency Cnes.
Airbus Warns Against Unrealistic Speed Probe Failure Training 
Airbus is warning operators against teaching pilots how to react to a “total Pitot blocked” failure in climb or descent, which the airframer deems unrealistic and the simulation of which can create confusion about aircraft systems.
Safran Back To Square One In Bizav 
Textron Aviation’s decision to terminate its contract with Safran Aircraft Engines for the Cessna Citation Hemisphere program marks the end of Safran’s hopes to enter the business jet market any time soon. The 9,500- to 12,000-lb.-thrust Silvercrest turbofan program is now in limbo.
Airbus A340 Pilots Waste Safety Margin At Takeoff, BEA Says  8
Incident investigation finds widespread problem in Airbus A340 pilot input at takeoff.
Vega’s First Failure Creates Setback For UAE 
The UAE may have to rethink its Earth surveillance plan after Vega mission failure destroys country’s first high-performance observation satellite.
Vega Launch Fails, Destroying UAE Reconnaissance Satellite 
“Approximately two minutes after liftoff, shortly after ignition of the Zefiro 23 second stage, a launcher anomaly occurred, leading to the premature end of the mission,” according to Arianespace, the launch operator.
Pilot Input Caused Air France’s Abnormal A340 Takeoffs, BEA Says  4
The French accident investigation bureau has determined that some abnormally long Airbus A340-300 takeoffs from Bogota El Dorado airport were due to improper pilot practices.
Thales Developments Opening Up Connected Flight Deck Concept 
The development of Thales’ PureFlyt “extended” flight management system (FMS) marks an early step in the gradual introduction of the connected cockpit concept, where the crew will be able to use data from the “open world.”
Universal Avionics Targets A320 For Low-Visibility Landing Tech Retrofit 
Universal Avionics is developing a supplemental type certificate (STC) for an Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS) on the Airbus A320, thus paving the way for operators to retrofit their aircraft with a technology enabling low-visibility landing.
Thales Connects Flight Deck To Open-world Data 
With Thales’ new FMS, “open-world” information will be allowed to enter safety-critical applications.
Neuroscience Program Targets Fighter Pilot Coordination 
A neuroscience program funded by the French armament procurement agency (DGA) is studying how to determine whether two pilots are coordinating well, and what to do if they are not on the same page.

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