SLS Lifts Off To Begin New Chapter In U.S. Space Program

By Irene Klotz Nov 16, 2022
The most powerful rocket NASA has ever built lifted off from the Kennedy Space Center on Nov. 16, ending years of delays in the debut of the Artemis Moon program.

NASA Updates Strategy To Get From Moon To Mars

By Irene Klotz Oct 05, 2022
A Mars architecture concept review is expected to be completed in January.

NASA Postpones SLS Launch, Assessing Weather

By Irene Klotz Sep 24, 2022
Concerns about the approaching Tropical Storm Ian, which was moving toward the Florida peninsula, spurred managers to postpone the launch.

Podcast: Chasing Hydrogen Leaks

By Irene Klotz Sep 13, 2022
Mike Leinbach, the final NASA Space Shuttle Launch Director, shares his thoughts about the finicky fuel and how the Artemis team is managing with the Space Launch System.
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NASA Eyes Sept. 23 For Next Possible SLS Launch Try

By Irene Klotz Sep 08, 2022
Following ongoing work to repair a hydrogen leak that derailed the inaugural launch of the Space Launch System rocket on Sept. 3, NASA plans to conduct a tanking test at Kennedy Space Center Launch Complex 39B as early as Sept. 17.
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NASA To Repair, Retest SLS Hydrogen Leak At Launchpad

By Irene Klotz Sep 06, 2022
Conducting the repair at Kennedy Space Center Launch Complex 39B could pave the way for another Artemis I launch attempt later this month.
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SLS Launch Off Until At Least Mid-September

By Mark Carreau Sep 03, 2022
Stymied by a new liquid hydrogen leak, NASA called off its second attempt to launch the Artemis I flight test.
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NASA Clears Team To Fuel SLS For Launch

By Irene Klotz Sep 03, 2022
CAPE CANAVERAL -- NASA managers on Sept. 3 cleared the Kennedy Space Center launch team to proceed with fueling the two-stage Space Launch System …
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Managers Clear SLS For 2nd Launch Try

By Irene Klotz Sep 02, 2022
NASA is confident an engine-cooling process is working as designed so is pressing ahead with the second attempt on Sept. 3.
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NASA Progressing Toward Sept. 3 Artemis I Launch Attempt

By Mark Carreau Sep 01, 2022
NASA pressed Sept. 1 to resolve the propellant loading issues that triggered the Aug. 29 scrub of the much-anticipated liftoff of the Artemis I mission.
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NASA To Try Again To Launch SLS On Sept. 3

By Mark Carreau Aug 31, 2022
The weather forecast for a launch attempt on Sept. 3 is not ideal, with just a 40% chance conditions will be suitable for liftoff due to cloud cover and the chance of rain and lightning.
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Technical Issue Nixes First SLS Launch Attempt

By Irene Klotz Aug 29, 2022
NASA had planned to launch the SLS, carrying an uncrewed Orion spacecraft, during a 2-hr. window that opened at 8:33 a.m. EDT. The next launch opportunity is at 12:48 p.m. EDT on Sept. 2.
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SLS Countdown On Hold As NASA Assesses Technical Issues

By Irene Klotz Aug 29, 2022
CAPE CANAVERAL — The countdown for NASA’s first Space Launch System (SLS) rocket went into an unplanned hold at the T-minus-40 min. mark to allow the…
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Launch Team Assessing Possible Hydrogen Leak

By Irene Klotz Aug 29, 2022
The Kennedy Space Center launch team was assessing a potential hydrogen leak in the tail service mast umbilical, located at the base of the Space Launch System (SLS) core stage. 
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Fueling For Launch Of New NASA Moon Rocket Underway

By Mark Carreau Aug 29, 2022
The launch weather outlook was 80% favorable as NASA began the nearly 4 hr. process of loading the SLS core stage with 196,000 gallons of liquid oxygen and 537,000 gal. of liquid hydrogen.
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Artemis I Opens Door For New Space Exploration Program

By Mark Carreau Aug 28, 2022
The program is intended to provide global dividends across the science, economic and global leadership spectrums, NASA says.
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Countdown Proceeding To Space Launch System Launch

By Irene Klotz Aug 28, 2022
NASA on Aug. 28 was on schedule to begin fueling the SLS rocket for its inaugural flight test, targeted for liftoff at 8:33 a.m. EDT Aug. 29.
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Countdown Clocks Ticking Toward SLS Launch Aug. 29

By Irene Klotz Aug 27, 2022
CAPE CANAVERAL -- The two-day countdown to launch of NASA’s first Space Launch System (SLS) rocket began as scheduled on Aug. 27, with no technical…
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Countdown For Launch Of SLS To Begin Saturday

By Irene Klotz Aug 26, 2022
After more than 30 countdown simulations, two core-stage Green Run static engine firings and four launchpad wet dress rehearsals, countdown clocks at Kennedy Space Center were scheduled to start ticking down on Aug. 27 for the long-awaited launch of the first Space Launch System rocket.
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NASA, Contractors Plan To Tailor Artemis For The Long Term

By Mark Carreau Aug 26, 2022
NASA and its large and diverse contractor team are eager for the success of the Artemis I test flight, seeing the uncrewed mission as an opportunity to learn from a lengthy and challenging development effort in order to continue advancing the technology and cutting costs.
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A Look Back at Apollo 17

Aug 26, 2022
Aviation Week & Space Technology's initial coverage of the December 1972 mission.
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SLS Countdown Preparations Continue At KSC

By Irene Klotz Aug 25, 2022
NASA on Aug. 25 was on track to begin the two-day launch countdown for its first Space Launch System rocket, leading to a launch attempt at 8:33 a.m. EDT on Aug. 29 from Kennedy Space Center.
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Artemis I Flight Test Opens New Chapter In Human Space Program

By Irene Klotz Aug 25, 2022
Fifty years after Apollo, NASA is preparing for a permanent presence around the Moon.
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Opinion: Why NASA’s Artemis Matters

Harrison H. Schmitt Aug 24, 2022
The last person to walk on the Moon reflects on the geopolitical importance of a new era of human spaceflight.
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Artemis I Cubesat Probes Push Envelope For Deep-Space Exploration

By Garrett Reim Aug 24, 2022
NASA plans to use 10 small satellites to study the Sun, Moon and deep space.
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