Why The Widebody Market Will Remain Weak For Years

Jan 04, 2021
The pandemic has made a difficult market worse for Airbus and Boeing, threatening the viability of programs and dimming optimism.
Air Transport

Business Aviation Deliveries To Decline Before Comeback, Experts Say

By Molly McMillin Dec 18, 2020
Business aviation has fared better than commercial during the pandemic, but renewed growth depends on vaccines.
Civil Aviation

Civil Aviation Data Center, 2021-25

By Graham Warwick Dec 18, 2020
Forecasts, snapshots and commercial air transport and business aircraft to watch.
Civil Aviation

In Trouble Before The Pandemic, Widebodies Will Remain Problematic

By Jens Flottau Dec 18, 2020
The pandemic has made a difficult market worse for Airbus and Boeing, threatening the viability of programs and dimming optimism.
Civil Aviation

Aerospace & Defense 2021: An Introduction

By Graham Warwick Dec 18, 2020
Thinking ahead: What we can expect in the major aerospace and defense sectors.

737 MAX Return Starts New, Complex Phase

By Guy Norris Dec 17, 2020
Boeing confident it has resources to meet airlines’ demand.
Civil Aviation

Air Cargo Faces Dual Post-COVID Challenges

By Helen Massy-Beresford Dec 16, 2020
Air cargo operators are gearing up to distribute a COVID-19 vaccine while fighting to overcome a capacity shortage.
Civil Aviation

Global Connecting Hubs Confront Daunting COVID-19 Challenges

By Adrian Schofield Dec 16, 2020
Major transit hubs have proven to be particularly vulnerable to the COVID-19 crisis as connectivity falls apart.
Civil Aviation

The Bright Spots For Aerospace In 2020

Dec 16, 2020
Despite the pandemic, the industry continued to make progress in sustainability, space, aviation safety and more.

Airbus, Boeing Must Rely On Narrowbodies During Difficult 2021

By Guy Norris Dec 16, 2020
The Boeing-Airbus duopoly cannot count on widebody sales anytime soon, so their hope is to get narrowbody production back to normal.
Civil Aviation

Long-Haul LCCs Fight For Post-COVID-19 Survival

By Helen Massy-Beresford Dec 14, 2020
A business model that has long had its doubters will be facing tougher competition in the post-pandemic era.
Civil Aviation

Pandemic Downturn Opens New Doors For Low-Cost Carriers

By Ben Goldstein Dec 14, 2020
Demand trends during the pandemic and recovery should favor LCCs over larger legacy airlines.
Civil Aviation

Debt-Laden Industry Struggles To Pursue Greener Next-Gen Aircraft

By Guy Norris Dec 11, 2020
Coming out of COVID-19 crisis, air transport must also meet demands for a more environment-friendly industry.
Civil Aviation

Airlines Look To Green Comeback

By Helen Massy-Beresford Dec 09, 2020
Recovering from its worst-ever crisis while also focusing on reducing the environmental impact will be a 2021 air-transport challenge.
Civil Aviation

Airlines Bet On Traffic Comeback In Second Half Of 2021

By Jens Flottau Dec 07, 2020
IATA predicts over $38 billion in industry losses next year—more than after the global financial crisis but a third of the 2020 deficit.
Civil Aviation