China Airlines Exercises Options For Eight 787-9s, Sells 747-400Fs

By Chen Chuanren May 10, 2023
The Taiwan flag-carrier said the deal will be finalized “in the near future.” 
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Emirates SkyCargo Boosts Capacity With Leased 747Fs

By Alan Dron May 08, 2023
Emirates SkyCargo has leased two Boeing 747-400F freighters as it starts moving toward its goal of doubling capacity over the next decade. 
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Dutch Probe Finds 2021 Longtail Incident Was Preventable

By Sean Broderick May 05, 2023
A 2021 Boeing 747 engine failure was caused by an issue flagged by Pratt & Whitney, but its recommended fix was not mandated, a Dutch safety board found.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Longtail Engine Failure Probe Flags Maintenance Data, Debris Risk

By Sean Broderick Apr 28, 2023
An engine failure aboard a Longtail Aviation Boeing 747-400 spotlights the importance of keeping records on service-bulletin implementations.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Virgin Orbit Chief Sees Quick Auction Process

By Guy Norris Apr 19, 2023
The leader of bankrupt space company Virgin Orbit says it is seeing active interest from a “diverse group” of potential buyers.
Commercial Space

FAA Codifies 5G Interference Mitigation Plan

By Sean Broderick Feb 08, 2023
The FAA’s phased upgrade aligns with voluntary delays put in place by wireless companies.
Maintenance & Training

Podcast: The Incredible, Iconic Boeing 747

By Karen Walker Feb 03, 2023
Aviation Week editors talk about being at the delivery ceremony of the last Boeing 747 and why it is such an important aircraft.
Air Transport

Daily Memo: Resilient 747 To Live On In Large Numbers

By Guy Norris Jan 30, 2023
The program’s termination comes after years of dwindling sales, the development of the twin-engined 777X, and the pandemic, which took a toll on widebodies.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Podcast: End Of The Line For Boeing’s 747

Jan 26, 2023
Listen in as Aviation Week editors reflect on the 747's beginning and its legacy. 
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From the Archives: The Boeing 747 Rollout

Jan 26, 2023
Aviation Week published a four-page photo spread of the 747 rollout in 1968, along with a glowing editorial about the new jet.
Aircraft & Propulsion

From Safety To Simulation—The Boeing 747’s Lasting Impacts

By Guy Norris Jan 26, 2023
As the last Boeing 747-8 leaves its birthplace, Aviation Week looks at how design features of the first widebody have shaped and influenced the industry.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Final Wings Mark Start Of Boeing's 747-8 Production Wind Down

By Guy Norris May 27, 2022
Boeing has staged the left wing for the last 747-8F freighter onto the production line at Everett, Washington, marking the build-up for the aircraft’s final assembly process and close out of the historic 747 line later in 2022.
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South Korea Studying Satellite Launch from Commercial Aircraft 

By Chen Chuanren Jul 20, 2021
Korean Air and Seoul National University have been commissioned by the Republic of Korea Air Force to explore using the Boeing 747-400 passenger aircraft for an air launch system, similar to Virgin Orbit's LauncherOne.

China Airlines Ends 747 Operations With Farewell Flight

By Chen Chuanren Mar 22, 2021
China Airlines ceased Boeing 747-400 operations on March 20 following a farewell flight over Japan, retiring the type after 28 years of service.
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Virgin Atlantic Sets 747 Retirement Date, Resumes Manchester Flights

By Victoria Moores Dec 04, 2020
UK long-haul carrier Virgin Atlantic is expecting to perform its final Boeing 747 flight on Dec. 16 and has announced plans to resume operations from Manchester, England, on Dec. 5 after a nine-month break.
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Thai Airways Selling Off 34 Older Aircraft

By Chen Chuanren Nov 05, 2020
Thai Airways has put a total of 34 aircraft up for sale, including all of its Boeing 747-400, 777-200 and 777-300, as the flag-carrier turns to more fuel-efficient aircraft for the handful of international flights it now operates.
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Boeing Working To Correct 747 Flight Computer Reset Issue

By Sean Broderick Oct 23, 2020
Boeing is working on updating 747 flight computer software to eliminate an issue introduced in the software’s most recent version that causes both of the aircraft’s computers to reset in-flight.
Aircraft & Propulsion

IAG Retires Last Iberia A340; British Airways 747s Start To Exit Fleet

By Kurt Hofmann Aug 18, 2020
International Airlines Group (IAG) has phased out the last of Iberia’s Airbus A340s and begun retiring British Airways’ (BA) entire Boeing 747-400 fleet, the group reported Aug. 17. 
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AAIB Report Spotlights Ambiguous Boeing 747 Checklist

By Sean Broderick May 11, 2020
Boeing has updated a 747-400 non-normal checklist following evidence from a UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) report that showed a British Airways (BA) crew confused by its verbiage initiated an unneeded stall-recovery procedure while troubleshooting an issue.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Atlas Air To Park Four 747-400 Freighters; Return Fifth To Lessor

By Ben Goldstein Feb 20, 2020
Atlas Air will park four Boeing 747-400 converted freighters this year and return a fifth to a lessor, moves intended to counteract falling yields and utilization rates caused by softening macroeconomic trends. 
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