Lufthansa Technik To Close Six Line-Maintenance Stations In Germany

By Kurt Hofmann Aug 13, 2021
Lufthansa Technik will stop offering line-maintenance services from a raft of facilities in its home market as it continues restructuring in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Lufthansa Converts A350 To Climate Laboratory

By Graham Warwick Apr 07, 2021
The A350 will replace an A340-600 previously used to measure trace elements and greenhouse gases in the tropopause. 
Aircraft & Propulsion

Lufthansa Technik To Convert A380 For Cargo

By Kurt Hofmann May 11, 2020
SALZBURG—As part of its new program that reconfigures passenger aircraft for cargo operations in the age of COVID-19, Lufthansa Technik has signed its first agreement to convert an Airbus A380.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Lufthansa Technik Offers Passenger Jet-To-Auxiliary Freighter Conversions

By Kurt Hofmann Apr 24, 2020
Lufthansa Technik has launched a new service in response to the surge in demand for cargo services since the COVID-19 crisis has grounded the vast…
Maintenance & Training

Lufthansa Technik Transfers 12,000 Employees To Short-Time Work

By Kurt Hofmann Apr 08, 2020
Lufthansa Technik (LHT) has reached an agreement to introduce short-time work for around 12,000 employees in Germany.
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Lufthansa CEO Warns Of Permanent Change

By Alex Derber Mar 19, 2020
Lufthansa Technik could provide “attractive” collateral for its parent airline group to raise financing to ensure its survival through the coronavirus crisis, Credit Suisse has said.