China Downplays Reports Of Deliberate Act In China Eastern Crash
The Civil Aviation Administration of China insists the investigation into the March crash of a China Eastern Airlines Boeing 737-800 is still in its early stages and no official preliminary conclusions have been reached.
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U.S. To Assist CAAC In China Eastern Accident Probe

By Sean Broderick Mar 21, 2022
A senior U.S. NTSB investigator and technical advisors from three key stakeholders will be among the U.S. representatives supporting the probe into the March 21 crash of China Eastern Airlines Flight MU5735.
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NTSB Reaffirms PenAir Accident Probe Conclusion

By Sean Broderick Dec 06, 2021
NTSB is standing by its determination that a latent technical fault was the primary factor in the 2019 runway overrun of a PenAir Saab 2000 in Alaska.
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Swedish, UK Investigators Challenge NTSB’s PenAir Accident Evaluation

By Sean Broderick Nov 29, 2021
Operational mistakes played just as large a role in the October 2019 runway overrun of a Saab 2000 in Alaska as a latent technical issue flagged by…
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Seven Injured In Cape Air Accident

By Bill Carey Sep 10, 2021
Seven people were injured Sept. 9 when a Cape Air Cessna 402 left the runway and crashed into nearby woods while landing at Provincetown Municipal Airport (PVC) in Provincetown, Massachusetts.
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United Eyes Pratt-Powered 777 Return; Nacelle Fix Delays Persist

By Sean Broderick Sep 09, 2021
The global fleet of 128 Boeing 777s with PW4000s has been grounded since late February following a failure onboard a United 777 near Denver—the third PW4000-powered 777 in-service event in three years linked to a cracked fan blade.
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Daily Memo: Automated Turbulence Reporting Seems Worth The Cost

By Sean Broderick Aug 13, 2021
The global airliner fleet can be tapped to carry a heavier turbulence-forecasting load, which would help reduce turbulence encounters.
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NTSB Turbulence Accident Risk Mitigation Targets Better Reporting, Onboard Precautions

By Sean Broderick Aug 10, 2021
More consistent reporting, better forecasting, and more proactive onboard risk-mitigation measures such as wearing seatbelts and protecting cabin crew are keys to reducing turbulence-related accidents and related injuries, an NTSB study on the issue found. 
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Metal-Fatigue Signs Link United 777 Fan Blade Failure With 2018 Incident

By Sean Broderick Feb 23, 2021
U.S. NTSB investigators determined metal fatigue is suspected as the reason a fan blade fractured just before an in-fight engine failure suffered by United Airlines Flight 328 on Feb. 20.
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Engine Failure Prompts Immediate Action For Pratt-Powered 777s

By Sean Broderick Feb 22, 2021
Global regulators and operators moved quickly to minimize the risk of another incident involving a Pratt & Whitney-powered Boeing 777, banning them from airspace or voluntarily pulling them from service while the FAA, Boeing, and Pratt develop immediate inspection parameters. 
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Indonesia Orders Inspections Of 737 Classics As Crash Probe Continues

By Chen Chuanren Jan 15, 2021
The Indonesian ministry of transport has ordered the inspection of all Boeing 737 Classics in the country—consisting of the 737-300,-400 and -500 variants—following the crash of Sriwijaya Air flight SJ182. 
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NTSB Recommendations Target Embraer E-Jet Issues

By Sean Broderick Jan 30, 2020
The NTSB is urging Brazil’s National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) and the FAA to mandate Embraer E-Jets control column wiring inspections, revamp maintenance procedures and review pitch-trim runaway checklists, based on preliminary findings in the probe of a November 2019 incident on board a Republic Airways E175.
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