With Trial Set For October, JetBlue Vows To Contest DOJ Suit

By Christine Boynton Mar 22, 2023
The jury-waived trial will begin on Monday, Oct. 16 and last no longer than four weeks.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

U.S. Airlines Face Supply Shortfalls Limiting Growth

By Aaron Karp Mar 22, 2023
As they attempt to develop their networks to meet robust passenger demand, U.S. carriers are encountering obstacles.
Airports & Networks

Analysis: DOJ’s Moves Against JetBlue Are Bad For The Consumer

By Karen Walker Mar 21, 2023
DOJ’s gunning for JetBlue is ludicrous but will be costly.
Airlines & Lessors

JetBlue: Merger With Spirit Would Mean 200 Daily Flights From Orlando

By Aaron Karp Mar 17, 2023
JetBlue CEO Robin Hayes says the carrier has made “growth commitments” to Florida's attorney general.
Airports & Networks

Spirit Airlines Details Fleet Shifts, Ongoing GTF Issues

By Christine Boynton Mar 15, 2023
Over the next two years Spirit plans a “generational” shift in its fleet makeup, completely retiring the Airbus A319ceo and improving cost and fuel efficiency.
Airlines & Lessors

Routes In Brief: Rolling Daily Updates (W/C March 6, 2023)

By David Casey Mar 10, 2023
The latest new route announcements, schedule changes and codeshares.
Airports & Networks

JetBlue Fights A Second Round To Save Spirit Merger

By Christine Boynton Mar 09, 2023
After the Justice Department lawsuit, JetBlue’s strategy is in the hands of the courts.
Airlines & Lessors

Daily Memo: JetBlue Takes On DOJ For A Second Time—With No Predictable Outcome

By Lori Ranson Mar 07, 2023
JetBlue finds itself in an unprecedented position—its plans for both the Spirit merger and its alliance with American Airlines remain entangled in litigation.
Airlines & Lessors

DOJ Sues ‘To Preserve Spirit’s Unique And Disruptive Role’

By Christine Boynton Mar 07, 2023
Calling the carriers “two of the most significant rivals today,” the DOJ has sued to block JetBlue’s $3.8 billion acquisition of Spirit Airlines.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Routes In Brief: Rolling Daily Updates

By David Casey Feb 24, 2023
The latest new route announcements, schedule changes and codeshares.
Air Transport

Inflight Crew Unions At Odds In JetBlue-Spirit Merger

By Christine Boynton Feb 23, 2023
The merger is still subject to regulatory approval, as the carriers await a decision from the U.S. Justice Department.
Airlines & Lessors

PW1000 Reliability Constraints Could Last All Year, Raytheon Warns

By Sean Broderick Feb 22, 2023
Reliability-induced Pratt & Whitney geared turbofan engine availability headaches are likely to last all year, Raytheon's top executive warns.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Hayes Says JetBlue Will ‘Go To Court’ If Spirit Merger Not Approved

By Christine Boynton Feb 22, 2023
JetBlue in July announced its $3.8 billion deal to acquire ULCC Spirit and has been awaiting regulatory approval, a process Hayes acknowledged was “complex.”
Airlines & Lessors

JetBlue Gets Political In South Florida For Spirit Merger Support

By Chris Sloan Feb 15, 2023
JetBlue is seeking to curry political favor for its pending acquisition of South Florida-based ULCC Spirit Airlines.
Airlines & Lessors

Spirit CEO Slams Pratt Problems For Capacity Constraints

By Chris Sloan Feb 07, 2023
Spirit Airlines’ unit costs and profitability continue to be negatively affected by significant reliability problems posed by Pratt & Whitney Geared Turbofans.
Airlines & Lessors

Spirit Airlines Pilots Ratify Tentative New Contract

By Chris Sloan Jan 11, 2023
Spirit Airlines pilots have voted to ratify a new collective bargaining agreement, which includes provisions in case the ULCC's merger with JetBlue collapses.
Airlines & Lessors

Spirit’s Enhanced Seats To Takeoff In 2023

By Linda Blachly Oct 28, 2022
Spirit Airlines is keeping the focus on customers as it navigates a potential merger with JetBlue Airways, which was officially approved by Spirit’s shareholders last week. 
Interiors & Connectivity

Daily Memo: Despite Losing The Spirit Bidding War, Frontier’s Future Looks Bright

By Ben Goldstein Jul 29, 2022
Frontier Airlines may have lost the bidding war for Spirit Airlines, but its future as a standalone carrier looks bright—especially with its largest ULCC competitor now out of the picture.
Airlines & Lessors

Spirit, JetBlue Announce Merger Agreement After Frontier Vote Fails

By Ben Goldstein Jul 28, 2022
Spirit Airlines agreed to be acquired by JetBlue Airways in an all-cash deal valued at $3.8 billion, a move that comes one day after its shareholders formally rejected a competing offer from Frontier Airlines.
Airlines & Lessors

Spirit, Frontier Terminate Merger Agreement; JetBlue Talks Continue

By Ben Goldstein Jul 27, 2022
If Spirit and JetBlue do eventually agree on the terms of a transaction, they will still need shareholder approval as well as antitrust approval from the U.S. Justice Department.
Airlines & Lessors

Spirit Delays Frontier Merger Vote For Third Time

By Ben Goldstein Jul 08, 2022
The postponement is the latest sign that a competing bid from JetBlue is gaining traction among a critical mass of stockholders.
Airlines & Lessors

JetBlue Boosts Spirit Offer Again As Bidding War Heats Up

By Ben Goldstein Jun 28, 2022
JetBlue Airways upgraded its proposal for Spirit Airlines again as the tit-for-tat bidding war with Frontier Airlines heated up ahead of a June 30 shareholder vote.
Airlines & Lessors

JetBlue Boosts Spirit Airlines Bid Before Shareholder Vote

By Ben Goldstein Jun 06, 2022
JetBlue Airways sweetened the terms of its bid to acquire Spirit Airlines, part of an effort to win over Spirit’s shareholders ahead of a fast approaching vote on whether to merge with Frontier Airlines.
Airlines & Lessors

Spirit Airlines Says U.S. Entry Test Rules Curbing International Demand

By Lori Ranson May 25, 2022
Spirit Airlines believes some pent-up demand exists in its international markets due to the U.S. inbound testing requirements for COVID-19. 
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Spirit Airlines CEO Blasts ‘Cynical’ JetBlue Tender Offer

By Ben Goldstein May 24, 2022
Spirit Airlines CEO Ted Christie is reiterating his firm opposition to the hostile takeover effort initiated by JetBlue Airways, describing it as a “cynical” attempt to disrupt Spirit’s planned merger with Frontier Airlines. 
Airlines & Lessors