Daily Memo: Will American Airlines’ Unique Partnership Strategy Ultimately Prove Successful?

By Lori Ranson Sep 22, 2021
During the last couple of years, a certain level of necessity has driven American Airlines to create what could be viewed as unconventional…
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Sky Express To Cooperate With American Airlines

By David Casey Sep 16, 2021
Greek carrier Sky Express has entered into an interline agreement with American Airlines designed to boost inbound tourism from the US.
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U.S. Activates 18 Aircraft From CRAF For Afghan Evacuation

By Steve Trimble Aug 22, 2021
The third CRAF call-up in 41 years will include three aircraft each from American Airlines, Atlas Air, Delta Air Lines and Omni Air; two from Hawaiian Airlines and four from United Airlines. 
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American, Spirit Issues Extend U.S. Airlines’ Summer Of Discontent

By Sean Broderick Aug 04, 2021
U.S. Senate lawmakers are gathering information on how several carriers, including American, have managed workforce issues during the downturn while collecting payroll-relief funds.
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IATA: Global Airlines Lost $126B In 2020

By Ben Goldstein Aug 04, 2021
Airlines around the world lost more than $126 billion in 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic cratered demand for air travel, according to IATA.
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Daily Memo: American Airlines, JetSMART Test Unconventional Partnership 

By Lori Ranson Aug 03, 2021
The new tie-up can be considered an experiment to determine customer appetite for the melding of the ULCC and full-service carrier business models.
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American Airlines Plans Tie-Up With Chilean ULCC JetSMART

By David Casey Jul 29, 2021
The carriers hope the proposed partnership will allow them to grow “aggressively and profitably” across Latin America as passenger demand continues to recover.
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American Airlines Sees Stall In Leisure Demand After Summer Surge

By Lori Ranson May 25, 2021
American Airlines remains wary of how leisure demand will trend once the U.S. Labor Day holiday closes out the expected busy summer travel season. 
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U.S. Airlines To Increase Spanish Service

By David Casey May 24, 2021
American Airlines and United Airlines are to increase service to Spain after the European country’s government confirmed that borders would reopen from June 7 to travelers who have been fully vaccinated.
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American Airlines Eyes New Zealand Restart

By David Casey May 20, 2021
Should the LAX-Christchurch route proceed as planned, American will become the only carrier to fly nonstop from the U.S. to New Zealand’s South Island.
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JetBlue, American Airlines Alliance Positions As Northeast U.S. Disruptor

By Lori Ranson Apr 27, 2021
JetBlue Airways is moving full steam ahead in its strategic alliance with American Airlines and believes the tie-up will break up what it deems as monopolies in the northeast. 
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American Airlines 737-800 Cabin Upgrades Nearly Complete

By Sean Broderick Apr 27, 2021
American Airlines is on track to complete its long-running Boeing 737-800 cabin reconfiguration in the coming weeks, ensuring the entire fleet will be available to support the carrier’s growing summer schedule. 
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American Airlines, JetBlue Announce Northeast Codeshare Expansion

By Ben Goldstein Apr 21, 2021
American Airlines and JetBlue Airways announced a major expansion of service from hub airports in Boston and New York City, as the two carriers proceed with the next phase of their Northeast Alliance (NEA).
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American Airlines Hiring 300 Pilots This Fall To Meet Domestic Surge

By Ben Goldstein Apr 21, 2021
American Airlines said it plans to hire 300 new pilots by the end of 2021, part of an effort to absorb a surge in U.S. leisure travel demand.
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American Airlines To Defer Nearly 40 Boeing 737 MAXs, 787s

By Ben Goldstein Apr 14, 2021
American Airlines said it plans to defer more than three-dozen Boeing aircraft deliveries, part of an effort to save cash while revenues remain depressed by the coronavirus pandemic.
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Air Canada Faces Intricate Financing Package From Federal Government

By Lori Ranson Apr 13, 2021
Air Canada’s long-awaited federal financing package has several complexities the airline needs to address as the recovery in Canada’s air travel market remains more uncertain than ever. 
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Spirit Opposes Changes On JetBlue Routes To Ecuador

By David Casey Apr 06, 2021
Spirit Airlines has filed a complaint with the U.S. Transportation Department (DOT) which questions whether JetBlue Airways and American Airlines are coordinating flights and routes “outside of the scope” of their new Northeast alliance. 
Airports & Routes

American Airlines Plans Transatlantic Resumptions

By David Casey Mar 19, 2021
American Airlines is scaling up its transatlantic schedule over the coming weeks amid rising optimism that traffic will return in summer 2021.
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Daily Memo: U.S. Airlines Don’t Need Any More Money From Congress

By Ben Goldstein Mar 11, 2021
U.S. federal lawmakers are sending airlines another $14 billion to prop up payrolls until Sept. 30, which they hope will see the industry through to recovery. 
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American Airlines Plans $7.5B Debt Sale To Repay Treasury Loan

By Ben Goldstein Mar 08, 2021
American Airlines announced plans to mortgage its frequent-flier program to pay off a $7.5 billion government loan accepted in 2020 as part of the CARES Act. 
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Qantas-American Transpacific Route Alliance Set For Extension

By David Casey Feb 26, 2021
An alliance between Qantas and American Airlines that allows the carriers to cooperate on transpacific routes is set to be extended for a further five years.
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U.S. Carriers Back CDC Contact Tracing Proposal

By Ben Goldstein Feb 22, 2021
A group of major U.S. carriers announced plans to implement voluntary contract tracing for international arrivals, part of a Biden administration effort to better track and contain the spread of COVID-19 through commercial air travel. 
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Daily Memo: United Airlines Charting Its Own Course In Aircraft Retirements

By Lori Ranson Feb 19, 2021
The carrier believes it is prudent to retain a certain level of flexibility during the industry’s recovery from the COVID-19 crisis.
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American Airlines, JetBlue Outline New York, Boston Route Plans

By David Casey Feb 19, 2021
American Airlines and JetBlue Airways are launching the first phase of their partnership with the start of 33 new routes and codeshares on nearly 80 more from New York and Boston. 
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American Airlines Warns 13,000 Employees Face Furloughs

By Ben Goldstein Feb 04, 2021
American Airlines CEO Doug Parker revealed that as many as 13,000 frontline employees may be furloughed on April 1, as demand remains weak with less…
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