American Eyes Multi Uses Of Airbus XLR; Leverages BA Partnership In Transatlantic

By Karen Walker Mar 23, 2023
American Airlines says the multifaceted XLR was the aircraft equivalent of a Swiss Army Knife.
Airports & Networks

Daily Memo: Changing Expectations—An Evolution Of Inflight Connectivity

By Christine Boynton Mar 21, 2023
Today—not so much as an extra service but as a customer expectation—IFC is improving, and U.S. airlines are upgrading
Interiors & Connectivity

EU Rejects American Airlines Appeal On Delta London Slots

By Christine Boynton Mar 17, 2023
A European Union court has denied an American Airlines appeal to cancel Delta Air Lines slots for London Heathrow service to Philadelphia.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Delta Air Lines Pilot Contract Exerts Industry Pressure

By Christine Boynton Mar 09, 2023
The “industry-leading” contract increases attention on the other U.S. “Big Four” as negotiations with their pilots continue.
Airlines & Lessors

American Airlines CEO Prepared To Match Delta Air Lines’ Pilot Pay

By Christine Boynton Mar 08, 2023
American Airlines CEO Robert Isom calls the deal “a game changer for our pilots.”
Airlines & Lessors

The Week In Technology, March 6-10, 2023

By Graham Warwick Mar 06, 2023
Honda pursues SAF; Lithium-air battery; Fly-by-wire for GA; SAF from camelina.
Emerging Technologies

American Airlines Partners On Camelina For SAF

By Graham Warwick Mar 02, 2023
American Airlines has signed an MOU with Yield10 Bioscience to develop camelina as a low-carbon feedstock for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).
Emerging Technologies

As Delta Pilots Approve Contract, American’s Pilots See Momentum

By Christine Boynton Mar 02, 2023
Delta Air Lines is the first of the four largest U.S. carriers to finalize a new pilot contract this year.
Airlines & Lessors

American Airlines Names Greg Smith Independent Chairman

By Christine Boynton Feb 24, 2023
Former Boeing executive Greg Smith has been named Independent Chairman of the American Airlines Group Board of Directors.
Airlines & Lessors

American Airlines, Air Europa Gain Predictive Advantage

By Henry Canaday Feb 22, 2023
Since implementing a Boeing predictive maintenance tool, the airlines have experienced reliability and cost benefits.
Emerging Technologies

JetBlue Gets Political In South Florida For Spirit Merger Support

By Chris Sloan Feb 15, 2023
JetBlue is seeking to curry political favor for its pending acquisition of South Florida-based ULCC Spirit Airlines.
Airlines & Lessors

Pilot Groups, NTSB Spar Over Recording Witness Interviews

By Sean Broderick Feb 13, 2023
The NTSB's insistence on recording interviews with American Airlines pilots involved in a serious incursion has pilots' unions concerned.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Airline Results Show MRO Costs Up

By Lee Ann Shay Feb 10, 2023
Recent airline financial data shows MRO costs increasing, and that trend is likely to continue.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Incidents Put Spotlight On FAA Runway Safety Improvement Initiative

By Sean Broderick Feb 10, 2023
Two troubling occurrences at U.S. airports will prompt an examination of airport operational safety risks.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Interview With American Airlines CEO Robert Isom

By Chris Sloan Feb 08, 2023
Robert Isom, both an old hand and a new leader at American, exudes calm confidence in the airline’s future.
Airlines & Lessors

American Airlines’ Leadership Team Talks Present And Future

By Chris Sloan Feb 08, 2023
American Airlines executives set out their strategy.
Airlines & Lessors

Carbon Brakes Market Gears Up For Growing Demand

By Keith Mwanalushi Feb 01, 2023
Safran Landing Systems reports increased interest from airlines in upgrading to carbon brakes.
Aircraft & Propulsion

JetBlue Remains Bullish On Partnership With American Airlines

By Lori Ranson Jan 26, 2023
JetBlue Airways continues to focus a positive outcome for its alliance with American Airlines.
Airlines & Lessors

American To Build Back Capacity To Near Pre-Pandemic Levels In 2023

By Chris Sloan Jan 26, 2023
The company is guiding a return to full-year profitability and a 7-9% operating margin for fiscal 2023.
Airlines & Lessors

Analysis: Why Airlines Are Pursuing More Codeshares And Alliances

By Karen Walker Jan 24, 2023
Turn the page back just a few years, and cynicism was creeping in about the value of the global alliances and whether they had grown too big.
Airlines & Lessors

Signs Of Turbulence As U.S. Pilots Prepare To Vote On New Contracts

By Chris Sloan Jan 20, 2023
Voting campaigns for new pilot collective bargaining agreements (CBA) are beginning to gain momentum at Delta Air Lines and Hawaiian Airlines. 
Airlines & Lessors

Delta Air Lines To Launch First New Zealand Route

By David Casey Jan 20, 2023
With American Airlines' pandemic-related departure from the LAX-AKL route, Delta is seeking to fill a gap in the market.
Airports & Networks

Daily Memo: NEA DOJ D-Day Decision Imminent

By Chris Sloan Jan 13, 2023
A decision is likely imminent in the 15-month-old Northeastern Alliance (NEA) U.S. Justice Department (DOJ) anti-trust lawsuit.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Newark Airport’s New Terminal A Opens, With A Few Bumps

By Chris Sloan Jan 12, 2023
Opening day jitters included a litany of issues.
Airports & Networks

American Bullish On Q4 Results As Southwest Warns Of Quarterly Loss

By Lori Ranson Jan 12, 2023
American Airlines is guiding to a much better fourth quarter (Q4) performance than the company originally anticipated.
Airlines & Lessors