How Wildfire Will Affect Aircraft Maintenance

By Patrick Veillette, Ph.D. Oct 01, 2021
Additional operational and maintenance care is needed when operating near this extreme environment.
Aircraft & Propulsion

ARSA Offers Advice For Dealing With Confusing FAA Rules

Brett Levanto Oct 01, 2021
Laymen may have trouble understanding legal fine points. Don't just take "no" for an answer.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Opinion: How MRO Shops Can Derive More Insight From IT Systems

Vivek Saxena Oct 01, 2021
Things to consider before upgrading or implementing new MRO IT systems.
Supply Chain

CFM56 Will Dominate Post-Downturn Engine MRO

By Sean Broderick Sep 30, 2021
Used parts market expected to be jump-started by pending retirements.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Inside MRO News Briefs And Contracts

Sep 29, 2021
Passenger-to-freighter conversions and joint ventures dominate this month’s News Brief and Contracts.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Mental Well-Being In MRO: It’s Good Business

By Victoria Moores Sep 27, 2021
Why more MRO providers and airlines are paying more attention to staff mental health issues, programs and preventative interventions.
Workforce & Training

Eight Startups That Could Make Waves In MRO

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Sep 21, 2021
A look at eight startups that could revolutionize MRO and supply chain operations.

How Will The A380’s Swan Song Play Out For MRO?

By James Pozzi Sep 09, 2021
How the long-term prospects of the A380’s aftermarket will play out post-crisis.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Regulators Urge 737NG Operators To Adjust Reverser Repair Steps

By Sean Broderick Sep 09, 2021
Mandate calling for required test can create unintended consequences that cause thrust reversers to malfunction.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

MRO Continuing Its Worldwide Digital Evolution

By Lee Ann Shay Sep 09, 2021
Examples of digital transformation in the aviation aftermarket.
Emerging Technologies

Upheaval In Engine MRO: Gearing Up For Change

By Guy Norris Sep 09, 2021
Expect disruption in the aviation engine market, including the aftermarket.
Emerging Technologies

AirAsia’s Ambitious Plans For MRO Growth Post-Pandemic

By James Pozzi Sep 09, 2021
AirAsia bets big on digital, plans to grow new MRO business.
MRO Asia

Opinion: How Automation Can Improve Aircraft Parts Purchasing

Erkki Brakmann Sep 09, 2021
New automation tools, AI and workflows are making aircraft maintenance more cost-effective.
Supply Chain

Can India Establish A World-Class MRO Industry?

By James Pozzi Sep 09, 2021
How India’s long-term plans to shape a competitive aftermarket may come to fruition.
Aircraft & Propulsion

How MRO Is Changing In Singapore Post-Pandemic

By Chen Chuanren Sep 08, 2021
After pandemic-related setbacks, MRO in Singapore is growing again, partly thanks to passenger-to-freighter conversions.
MRO Asia

Guiding Government Response To Advanced Air Mobility Challenges

Christian A. Klein Sep 07, 2021
Advanced air mobility will present a new set of government and regulatory challenges for the aviation ecosystem.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Propeller MROs Invest In New Capabilities And Equipment

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Sep 07, 2021
Propeller MROs are adding to their service offerings to meet demand from commercial and government customers.

Tracking The Industry: Retirements Still A Question Mark

By Lee Ann Shay Sep 03, 2021
There is a lot of “wait and see” as airlines delay making final fleet decisions while they monitor the recovery’s pace.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Tackling Connectivity Challenges In Aircraft Hangars

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Sep 01, 2021
For various reasons, aircraft hangars can block cellular and satellite signals. How can MROs ensure reliable connectivity inside the hangar?
Emerging Technologies

Composites May Be Key as Aircraft Propellers Become More Complex

By Paul Seidenman Aug 30, 2021
Composites can enable the use of more and lighter blades to enhance aircraft performance.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Podcast: Back To School

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Aug 18, 2021
Aviation maintenance training was forced to embrace digital learning during the pandemic. As the industry recovers and restrictions loosen on travel and group settings, will remote learning remain popular? Will the industry embrace investment into new technologies for training? Which focus areas will be crucial for technician training and reskilling as fleets change post-pandemic? 

Aftermarket Providers Customize MRO Customs To Save Money And Time

By Alex Derber Aug 17, 2021
What MRO providers can do to streamline their import and export processes.
Supply Chain

Consider The Unlikely, And Carpe Diem, To Grow Workforce

Brett Levanto Aug 16, 2021
One of the fascinating findings of the Youth Access to American Jobs in Aviation Task Force so far is that “youth” is relative.
Workforce & Training

Industry Tracker: Traffic, Fleet On The Rise

By Lee Ann Shay Aug 12, 2021
The commercial aviation fleet continues to expand as domestic traffic picks up and transborder travel increases.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Tailored MRO Training Programs Target Workforce Growth, Reskilling

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Aug 06, 2021
Companies are customizing aviation maintenance training through technology and tailored programs to reach a wider pool of future technicians.
Workforce & Training