FBOs Pump SAF And Launch Green Initiatives, Part 1

By Bill Carey Jan 31, 2022
Sustainability goals and understanding SAF.
Airports, FBOs & Suppliers

Fast 5: Driving FBO Sustainability

By Bill Carey Jan 27, 2022
BCA spoke with Megan Eisenstein, NATA managing director of industry and regulatory affairs, about the Sustainability Standard for Aviation Businesses and other steps the association is taking to promote environmentally friendly business operations and practices.
Airports, FBOs & Suppliers

Uncontrolled Roll, A Cessna 525A Loses Control Part 2

By Roger Cox Jan 27, 2022
The performance study calculated the airplane’s airspeed to be 240 kt. when the roll began, and its roll rate to be 5 deg. per second. This roll rate was significantly less than the roll rate achieved during flight test of the Tamarack Atlas system.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

20/Twenty: The Citation Sovereign Still Reigns

By Bill Carey Jan 27, 2022
The Citation 680 entered service as the Sovereign in September 2004 and was reintroduced as the improved Sovereign+ in December 2013.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Uncontrolled Roll, A Cessna 525A Loses Control Part 1

By Roger Cox Jan 27, 2022
The task of trying to understand what caused the roll of a Cessna 525A and why the pilot failed to recover from it took the National Transportation Safety Board almost three years. In the end, they were able to provide only partial answers.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

The Brothers Bellum By James Albright

By William Garvey Jan 26, 2022
For those curious about the in-flight responsibilities, challenges, concerns and dire confusions confronting B-52 flight crews in combat, The Brothers Bellum by James Albright puts you in one of the eight-engine bomber’s ejection seats – most often that of the Electronic Warfare officer.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Learning About Mountain Weather, Part 3

By Patrick Veillette, Ph.D. Jan 25, 2022
Additional features to enhance the educational experience of learning about meteorological and human factors challenges of aviation operations in the alpine environment.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Fast 5: Need For Pilot Training And MRO Consulting

By Molly McMillin Jan 24, 2022
Teresa Ortega, a commercially rated pilot and 25-year Textron Aviation veteran, founded Wichita-based Ortega Aviation Services with her flight instructor husband, Kirby Ortega, a former Textron Aviation chief pilot for piston engine operations, in 2018. The company initially offered classroom training along with consulting services for jet maintenance and expanded from there.
Maintenance & Training

Learning About Mountain Weather, Part 2

By Patrick Veillette, Ph.D. Jan 24, 2022
Rapidly changing, localized weather is another risk.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

January Jet-A Fuel Prices

Jan 21, 2022
The U.S. national average for a gallon of Jet-A fuel in January totaled at $5.86, up 6 cents from December.
Airports, FBOs & Suppliers

Learning About Mountain Weather, Part 1

By Patrick Veillette, Ph.D. Jan 21, 2022
Is it possible to reduce the risk involved with mountain flying training while simultaneously improving aeronautical decision-making in this unforgiving environment?
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Last New Learjet 75 Hits Milestone On Way To Delivery

By Molly McMillin Jan 20, 2022
The last new Learjet light business jet, a Learjet 75 Liberty, has rolled off Bombardier’s Wichita production line and into the paint department for completion before customer delivery, Learjet insiders say, bringing production of the iconic Learjet closer to its ultimate conclusion.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Understand How Book & Claim Works

By Paul Seidenman Jan 20, 2022
It’s possible to buy sustainable aviation fuel, even if it’s not available at an FBO, through book and claim programs.
Airports, FBOs & Suppliers

Fast 5: Signature Flight Support's SAF Plan

By Lee Ann Shay Jan 20, 2022
Marty Kretchman, Signature Flight Support’s senior vice president of operations planning, talks with BCA Editor Lee Ann Shay about its sustainable aviation fuel projections, as well as its book & claim program.
Airports, FBOs & Suppliers

Can Safety Reporting Systems Alleviate 5G Issue?

By Roger Cox Jan 18, 2022
In my last The Crosscheck column, I wrote about 5G and radio altimeters. A lot of pilots are concerned about the 5G problem, so I’ll discus it…
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Marketplace: Business Aviation Staffing Services

By Paul Seidenman Jan 18, 2022
A number of companies provide staffing support for business aviation, helping companies to recruit not only pilots but flight attendants and…

Crash Unveils Safety Culture Clash, Part 3

By Roger Cox Jan 18, 2022
Investigating the company's safety culture. Stated policies do not always equate to actual policies.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Experts Say Many Radalts May Need To Be Retrofitted

By Bill Carey Jan 16, 2022
Many of the radio altimeters currently installed on aircraft likely will have to be retrofitted with filters or replaced to protect against potential 5G interference, experts say.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Op-Ed: It’s Broken ... This Time It Would Be A Failure Not To Fix It

William Swelbar Jan 14, 2022
Why not size U.S. airport infrastructure to better match today’s aircraft technology by consolidating it?
Airports & Routes

Fast 5: Corporate Jet As A Service Launches

By Lee Ann Shay Jan 14, 2022
Four Corners Aviation President and COO Cameron Gowans explains how its new business aircraft service offers an alternative to charter and jet cards.
Business Aviation

Crash Unveils Safety Culture Clash, Part 2

By Roger Cox Jan 14, 2022
Investigating a Bell 407 air ambulance controlled flight into terrain.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

FAA Grants Partial 5G Exemption For Air Ambulances

By Bill Carey Jan 14, 2022
Helicopter Association International and other aviation organizations reacted to the FAA’s prior-night release of nearly 1,500 Notices To Air Missions (NOTAMS) that will restrict flight operations near 5G cellular towers that AT&T and Verizon plan to activate on Jan. 19.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Marketplace: Financing Options For Aircraft Sales

By Paul Seidenman Jan 13, 2022
Financing Textron Branded Products Textron Financial Corp. provides debt financing exclusively for buyers of new and pre-owned Textron branded…

Crash Unveils Safety Culture Clash, Part 1

By Roger Cox Jan 13, 2022
The takeoff of the Bell 407 before controlled flight into terrain near Zaleski, Ohio.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Opinion: New 5G Frequencies Could Jam Critical Flight Instruments

John Herron Jan 12, 2022
In “The 5G Threat to Radio Altimeter Use” (column, Jan. 3),the author fails to understand how embedded radio altimeter signals have become in modern…
Flight Deck