Fast 5: Verijet's 24-Year-Old Jet Pilot

By Matthew Orloff Apr 25, 2022
At age 24, Robynn Brown is a pilot for VeriJet, which operates a fleet of Cirrus Vision SF50 business jets.
Maintenance & Training

Pilots Now Able to Track Status Of Medical Applications

By Matthew Orloff Apr 21, 2022
MedXpress, the FAA’s system that allows anyone requesting an FAA Medical Certificate or Medical Clearance to electronically complete an application, now allows applicants to track the status of their medical certificates online throughout the application process.
Aircraft & Propulsion

FAA Highlights New Spending On GA Airports

By Bill Carey Apr 21, 2022
FAA Acting Administrator Billy Nolen visited Denton Enterprise Airport (KDTO) in Denton, Texas, recently to highlight the $20 billion federal investment in airports contained in infrastructure legislation signed into law in November 2021.
Airports, FBOs & Suppliers

Podcast: Interview With Sun 'n Fun's New President And CEO Gene Conrad

Gene Conrad Apr 21, 2022
Meet Sun ‘n Fun’s new President and CEO Gene Conrad and join Aviation Week editors as they discuss Sun ‘n Fun 2022 in Lakeland, Florida, along with the market, the largest issue facing general aviation and other issues.
Business Aviation

20/Twenty: The Global 5500 Joins Bizjet Family

By Bill Carey Apr 20, 2022
Bombardier unveiled the Global 5500 and its sibling, the Global 6500, at the EBACE conference in Geneva in May 2018. The large-cabin, long-range jets…
Aircraft & Propulsion

Not All Airfoils Stall the Same, Part 3

By Patrick Veillette, Ph.D. Apr 19, 2022
Real-world flight conditions worsen stall behavior.
Maintenance & Training

Hartzell Prepares For Advanced Air Mobility Future

By Bill Carey Apr 18, 2022
Advanced air mobility (AAM) aircraft present a new market opportunity for 105-year-old Hartzell Propeller. “We see this as an evolution to be able to…
Aircraft & Propulsion

Avinode Group’s Schedaero Adds Features To Charter Platform

By Matthew Orloff Apr 18, 2022
Schedaero, a division of Avinode Group, has introduced new features to its platform that assists Part 135 charter operators with flight scheduling, aircraft management and crew monitoring. 
Aircraft & Propulsion

Not All Airfoils Stall the Same, Part 2

By Patrick Veillette, Ph.D. Apr 18, 2022
High-performance airfoils behave differently.
Maintenance & Training

Jet-A Fuel Prices Continue Rise In April

Apr 17, 2022
All eight FAA regions posted monthly price increases for Avgas in April, the third consecutive month for an increase.
Airports, FBOs & Suppliers

Video: Inside Honeywell's AAM Lab

By Matthew Orloff Apr 15, 2022
A look at some of the technology in Honeywell's Advance Air Mobility Lab in Phoenix.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Not All Airfoils Stall The Same, Part 1

By Patrick Veillette, Ph.D. Apr 15, 2022
High-performance airfoils exhibit stall behaviors completely different from low-performance airfoils.
Maintenance & Training

Helicopters For Charter Serve Diverse Markets

By Paul Seidenman Apr 15, 2022
From luxury VIP transport to organ transplant flights, helicopter charter operators including the companies see growing opportunities.

Flight Path Management Needs A Closer Look

By Roger Cox Apr 14, 2022
If pilots focus on flight path management instead of on automation…
Safety, Ops & Regulation

The Learjet Sign Comes Down

By Molly McMillin Apr 12, 2022
The Learjet sign at Bombardier's Wichita site was removed April 11. The building, 3A, was the site of Learjet 75 assembly.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Augusta Regional Airport Sees Huge Traffic Levels During Masters Week 2022

By Matthew Orloff Apr 12, 2022
Even if you are not a fan of golf, chances are that as a business jet owner, operator, or charter broker, you were probably familiar with the popularity to head to Augusta Regional Airport in Georgia recently for the Masters. 
Airports, FBOs & Suppliers

Video: Bombardier's Final Learjet Delivery

Apr 11, 2022
The final Learjet delivery took place in Wichita on March 28 marked by a ceremony attended by company officials and employees.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Vertiport Projects Unveiled For eVTOL Aircraft

By Bill Carey Apr 11, 2022
Vertiports designed for future electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft are beginning to pop up around the U.S.
Advanced Air Mobility

Imaging System Supplier Raises $11M Investment

By Bill Carey Apr 11, 2022
Start-up Overwatch Imaging of Hood River, Oregon, has closed an $11 million Series A financing round to advance its precision imaging payloads designed for drones and general aviation aircraft.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Convinced That You Have A Good Safety Culture?

By Robert Sumwalt Apr 11, 2022
Beware when someone tells you they have a good safety culture or that safety is their top priority. That can be a red flag.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Luxaviation Focuses On Building AAM Ground Network

By Bill Carey Apr 08, 2022
The FBO division of Europe’s Luxaviation Group plans to develop ground infrastructure for future advanced air mobility (AAM) vehicles as it pursues a growth strategy based on building and acquiring new facilities.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Viewpoint: Is Your Professionalism Fit For Duty

Jenny Showalter/Showalter Business Aviation Career Coaching Apr 08, 2022
During lunch at a recent industry event, the conversation at my table of seasoned business aviation leaders organically landed on the topic of…
Maintenance & Training

Eclipse Overrun at Leadville, Part 2

By Roger Cox Apr 07, 2022
The NTSB determines the probable cause of the excursion.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Bizav Leaders Describe SAF Benefits, Costs

By Bill Carey Apr 06, 2022
Even as biofuel suppliers and fixed-base operators (FBOs) ramp up the availability of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), aircraft operators remain uncertain about the composition of SAF and complexity of using it to claim emissions reductions, business aviation leaders say.

Eclipse Overrun at Leadville, Part 1

By Roger Cox Apr 06, 2022
An EA500 rolls through a fence and strikes a tree at KLXV.
Safety, Ops & Regulation