Aviation Week's Fleet and Data Services offers access to a global aircraft database with data on Western, Russian and Eastern Commercial Aviation Jets and Turboprops, Business Jets, Civil Helicopter Aircraft and Military Aircraft. Fleet data sets and delivery formats vary by aircraft category.

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Fleet Discovery is a dynamic data intelligence tool that provides users with access to in-depth commercial and corporate aircraft fleet allowing them to identify new market opportunities and manage risk.

Fleet Discovery:

• Provides easy access to 120+ data points for 156,000+ aircraft

• Allows for tracking aircraft lifecycles and trends for over 75 years

• Includes the complete aircraft activity, seating and utilization histories, and current technical specifications at the aircraft serial number level

• Shows the details for operators worldwide, aircraft movements, order book status and expected deliveries through 2050

• Offers a comprehensive month over month trend analysis capability

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Whether you are looking to integrate fleet data into your organizations’ internal system or another customer-facing portal, Aviation Week Network can supply you with the data needed through an API feed.

There are over 120 data points that can be fed into your system, including:

• Aircraft categorization including aircraft group, model and status

• Aircraft utilization

• Aircraft configuration and Technical Specifications including seating, layout, wingspan and more

• Aircraft activity history

• Deliveries through 2050

• Offers a comprehensive month over month trend analysis capability

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If your data needs involve something more specific Aviation Week Network will meet your specific needs with Custom Fleet feeds.

With over 120 data points from which to choose, you provide us with the data you require and we will create a custom fleet report that meets your exact needs:

• Commercial Aircraft

• Business Aviation Aircraft

• Military Aircraft

• Helicopter Aircraft

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Other Intelligence & Data Solutions
The Aviation Week Intelligence Network (AWIN) is the only integrated resource that contains intelligence, data, analysis and news that spans all sectors of the global market – commercial, military, space, business aviation and MRO. With its focus on the programs and technologies shaping the industry, AWIN is the resource used and trusted by thousands of organizations and individuals each business day.

AWIN is the smarter, faster way to obtain the trusted market intelligence required to grow your business:

• Program profiles on more than 300 of today’s top engine and airframe programs, including program descriptions, updates on suppliers, changes to funding and specifications

• Sector specific market briefings that focus on the schedule airline, defense and business aviation markets

• A company database with more than 25,000 companies and over 100,000 points of contact allowing you to easily pinpoint customersand generate targeted prospect lists

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MRO Prospector is the essential tactical planning tool for commercial aftermarket professionals. Its in-depth data and details enable organizations to pinpoint new business opportunities and to plan strategies for increasing productivity and generating additional revenue.

MRO Prospector simplifies:

• Ascertaining airframe, engine and landing gear opportunities across 12, 24 and 36 month periods

• Monitoring contract details and learning who is performing what jobs

• Monitoring MRO news

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And MRO Prospector includes exclusive access to the presentation from the Aviation Week Network MRO event series, as well as financial and traffic data of top global airlines.
Aviation Week Network’s 10-year forecasts, comprised of the industry’s most reliable data, enables decision makers to discover new business opportunities and enhance their strategic planning to maximize revenue generation.

Containing tens of thousands of Commercial Aircraft (including Turbo-Props), Business Aviation Aircraft, Military Aircraft and Helicopters, these unrivaled resources are derived by combining Aviation Week Network’s dedicated research team – and their more than 100-years’ industry experience – with industry surveys, OEM data feeds and opinions from advisory board contributors representing top tier OEMs, MRO providers, and consultants.

In addition to providing information into the number of retirements and anticipated deliveries during the forecast period, these offer insight into:

• The size of the market – and how it is segmented, within each sector

• Where there is anticipated growth within each sector

• The type(s) of aircraft that will dominate the MRO growth market within each sector

• The percentage of activity that is outsourced, by market sectors

• Key customer trends shaping the market

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