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Program Management Corner


DefenseChain+Program Excellence = Technology, Programs, Strategy

The Oct. 22-23 DefenseChain Conference and Program Excellence events will provide an inside look at some of the industry’s top programs: 

  • Model-based design as a winning strategy for the Boeing T-X Advanced Pilot Training System
  • Production ramp ups — how two defense and one commercial space program are reaching high-volume production
  • Creating a supply chain from scratch - the challenge hypersonic program leaders face

Just as important, the two-day conference will look at the challenges and obstacles in developing future program leaders — and the basic guard rails that allow new program and project leaders to test out new processes and approaches while delivering what customers need.

Nominees for Program Excellence Announced

Becoming a Program Excellence Evaluation Team Member

Aviation Week facilitates a process set up by industry leaders 15 years ago to identify excellence in program leadership. Each Evaluation Team member takes part in scoring the nominee applications against four factors that were identified as critical to program leadership — creating value, leading organizations, managing and adapting to complexity, and creating measurements that serve as an alert system versus a rearview mirror.

The Program Excellence Initiative is an annual program that the participating companies support not only as a way of upping the industry’s game on program performance and providing positive visibility for this demanding aerospace profession, but also for invaluable best-practice sharing and program/project manager education and training that is almost impossible to gain any other way.

Member companies have one voting representative on the Evaluation Team; each company also receives free complementary seats to all Program Excellence events. The team assists in nominating programs for the awards program and coordinates within their own companies a process to score entries that simultaneously creates a learning opportunity for the company’s program community. Team members assist in identifying the most significant challenges faced in program execution.

If you’re interested in your company joining the Program Excellence Evaluation Team, contact carole.hedden@aviationweek.com for more information

Program Excellence Initiative

Gather, analyze, learn, apply.

Aviation Week Network's Program Excellence initiative as part of the DefenseChain event unites leaders from across aerospace and defense companies, from program/project leaders and engineers to the IT experts, supply chain managers and strategic planning executives who together create performance success.

For more information on Program Excellence please contact Carole.Hedden@aviationweek.com.


Program Excellence Evaluation Team

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