2020 Engine Yearbook
2020 Engine Yearbook


The top reference book for aero-engine professionals at airlines, engine OEMs and engine aftermarket companies. All aspects of engine development, overhaul, leasing and specialist repairs is examined by our expert team of journalists and analysts. Also included: a comprehensive directory listings of the world’s leading engine/APU overhaul shops and specialist engine repair companies.

Product Information

What’s inside the 2020 Engine Yearbook:

  • Engine Fleet and MRO Outlook: Engine Populations and MRO Demand
  • Overhaul Bottlenecks: Strategies for independent MROs
  • Predictive Maintenance for APUs: How Analytics Reduce Unscheduled Removals
  • Tweaking the Supply Chain: Aftermarket Adapting to Shifting Demand Cycles
  • Printing Power: How Engine OEMs are Driving the Evolution
  • MAX Problems Hit Leap Values: Engine values and Lease Rates After Grounding
  • Engine Credit Risk: Which Factors to Prioritize
  • Midlife Assets: Can Popularity Be Sustained
  • Directories: Engine and APU Overhauls, Specialist Engine Repairs