2020 Workforce Report + Data Sets
2020 Workforce Report + Data Sets


Get key insights from Aviation Week Network’s annual Workforce Study about the state of the A&D industry’s workforce, along with the raw data behind the report. Learn about the industry’s ability to meet ever-changing customer requirements through the innovation, ingenuity and capability of its people. View the results from the study with the raw data behind it, delivered in excel format for customizable reporting.

Product Information

The Workforce Report and Data Sets include:

  • Data in areas that have consistently proven to attract and retain top talent, such as demographics, benefits, retirements, attrition, learning/professional development, hiring trends and investment in future technologies and capabilities.
  • Aggregated data broken down by company size, and contains information on attrition, retirement, hiring, demographics and more. Workforce sizes are categorized by less than 1,000, 1,000-9,999, 10,000-49,999, and more than 50,000 people.
  • Workforce compensation data, specifically average salaries for job functions and levels in addition to top and bottom quartile salaries and mid-point salaries.
  • Young professionals and university student interest in the industry, as well as their opinions and perceptions of the industry itself. See what factors influenced them to go into A&D, such as education, internships/co-op experience, interest and the company they are already working for.