The Israeli company UVision (Static A8) is launching an entire family of loitering missiles at the Paris Air Show.

Yair Dubester, president and CEO of Uvision, told ShowNews that his company has dedicated its entire portfolio to loitering weapons. “We have developed a complete family of solutions, suited to a wide range of applications and scenarios.”

The new family comprises six variants – three electrically powered “missile drones” configured for short-range, man-portable operation and three long-range loitering weapons capable of attacking targets at ranges up to 250 km.

“These loitering weapons are offering unique advantages for the warfighter,” Dubester said. “UVision's HERO line delivers significant advantage to the warfighter in asymmetric conflicts. In terms of portability and deployment, target acquisition, operational flexibility and successful mission assurance, keeping operator ‘in the loop’ at all times, the systems can be utilized by all military echelons, from the individual soldier to central command, striking both strategic and tactical targets. Their ability to loiter above the target – and their extreme maneuverability – enable smart, real-time decision-making.”

The HERO family can carry out pinpoint strikes in urban areas or remote locations with minimal collateral damage. With extremely low noise and thermal signature, these systems integrate highly advanced stabilized electro-optics day/night cameras and are ideal for deployment from land, air and sea. HERO’s advanced datalink and real-time intelligence delivers up-to-the-minute situational awareness. In cases when an attack is aborted, HERO systems can be recalled and another target selected.

The entire family is based on common systems scaled to meet specific customer requirements.

“We have invested considerable resources in development in order to enable our customers to benefit from cutting-edge solutions – in terms of electro-optics, warheads, extended loitering time, and a wider communication radius. All these features make the HERO family the most advanced in the field,” Dubester said. 

UVision is unveiling its new HERO portfolio at the Paris Air Show, with loitering weapon systems ranging from 3 kg to 90 kg carrying warheads weighing 0.5 to 20 kg. Designed to seek targets at ranges from 5 to 250 km, all systems are equipped with multi-sensor EO payloads designed for day and night operation, flight controls, avionics and datalinks maintaining man-in-the-loop through the entire mission. Three members of the family are designed for man-portable short-range missions, offering different combinations of warhead and endurance. Four models are designed for long-range missions, and are deployed from different types of platforms.