Latest version of Kollsman’s proven cryo-cooled IR camera complies with CAAC standard for EFVS.

Shanghai Avionics Corporation (SAVIC) has signed a contract with Elbit Systems of America, LLC, [Chalet 200] to provide Kollsman enhanced vision system-superior performance [EVS-SP] infrared cameras for the new COMAC C919 jetliner. The Elbit EVS meets Civil Aviation Administration of China’s (CAAC) performance standards for enhanced flight vision systems as it uses a well-proven cryogenically-cooled indium antimonide [InSb] infrared sensor.

More than 1,500 cryo-cooled InSb Kollsman EVS systems have been installed on 13 models.

CAAC is basing its EFVS standards on existing FAA rules, potentially enabling COMAC C919 operators to fly low visibility approaches down to 100 ft. decision heights or minimum descent altitudes.

“The award of [the] C919 EVS-SP contract is the first step in collaboration between Elbit Systems of America and SAVIC,” says Wang Jinyan, SAVIC president. “Given the emerging market of civil aviation in China, we believe this agreement will be the foundation of future collaborations between our two companies in the general aviation market to bring improved situational awareness while taking off and approaching. Technology industrialization, safety, and creating more value for the customers shall be the common goal of both Elbit Systems of America and SAVIC.”

The program is a key win for Elbit as China is forecasted to surpass the U.S. as the world’s largest airline passenger market in the next two decades. CAAC is mandating head-up displays for China’s domestic air carriers to enhance safety and improve mission completion rates in low visibility conditions. Equipping aircraft with EFVS is also intended to improve operational capabilities.

“Since the development and certification of the first commercial EVS, our Enhanced Vision Systems have offered the aviation industry increased flexibility and safety. We are proud to have been selected by SAVIC/COMAC for the C919 and look forward to continuing our legacy in commercial aviation,” says Raanan Horowitz, president and CEO of Elbit Systems of America.