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Over the past two years, On Wing Support's (OWS) capabilities have expanded significantly to meet repair demands for GE Aviation's growing installed engine base. Recent expansions have been instrumental in supporting OWS' largest area of growth - CFM's LEAP engine.

In March 2018, GE opened a new operation base at the Dubai South Aviation District Aerospace Supply Chain Facility. This facility provides service to GE and CFM engine models for all regional-based airlines, with a specific focus on GE90, LEAP-1A and LEAP-1B engines. 

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil also saw an OWS base open in 2016 to deliver more efficient, reliable and timely repairs to customers across Latin America. Operations in Seoul, South Korea are expanding as well, with the Seoul OWS facility positioned to double in size and workforce to meet Asia's growing LEAP engine installed base. 

With eight repair stations and more than 300 technicians globally, OWS serves customers with 24/7 aircraft on ground (AOG) support and provides over 4,500 rapid repair solutions to more than 250 customers yearly. View an OWS capabilities video

Field teams are equipped to travel anywhere in the world to perform maintenance and repairs within 24 hours of a customer request, saving customers significant time and engine repair cost. It's that flexibility and speed that empowers customers to reduce their operational costs and spend more time in the air. Read more.