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GE Aviation Tool Lease Program Saves Customers Cash


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When a national airline in a Southeast Asian country leased from GE Aviation’s On-Wing Support team a PMAT 2000 kit to upgrade a fleet of CFM56-7B engines powering Boeing 737-800 aircraft, they saved $28,000 over the cost of purchasing the tooling/equipment. 

And when a Nepal airline with a small number of Bombardier CRJ200 aircraft needed an engine lift fixture, GE’s tool lease program offered immediate delivery and a $26,000 savings versus purchase.  

These are two examples of how GE’s On-Wing Support tool lease program is making a significant difference in the way aircraft engine operators and MROs look at their tooling and equipment needs.  

“This program not only enables operators and MROs to pay a fraction of cost over purchasing critical tooling and equipment. We offer extensive inventory and technical expertise as the original equipment manufacturer of GE and CFM engines,” says Ivan Wood, GE’s senior warehouse and inventory staff manager.

“Additionally, this program targets mature engines and offers access to more recent products, including GEnx and the new CFM LEAP-1A/-1B engines, when available.” 

While the program provides an option for On-Demand lease of GE assets/tooling, it is important customers recognize leases are “based on availability.” This is not a solution to be utilized as a replacement for proper provisioning of necessary support assets, but rather an option to consider when gaps exist or an infrequent need arises for a given item, he adds.

Additional program advantages include: 

• 24-hour, seven-days-a-week support; no waiting long lead times as you would for purchased tools.

• 15,000+ items of tooling and equipment warehoused in a 185,000-square foot facility. 

• Vast array of inventory, including engine stands, pedestals, engine change kits, module tooling, preservation kits, line replaceable unit equipment, lift fixtures and more.

• Not only saves money over purchasing, also saves operators significant downtime, lost revenue and customer impact when aircraft is not flying.

• Makes more sense when tooling is only needed on a one-time or short-term basis.

• For long-term needs, the team will evaluate and prepare a tailored solution with price quote.

For more information, including pricing and availability, email one of our team members: Travis Lambert or Joe Breeze.

View a video on the capabilities of GE Aviation’s on-wing support organization and tooling operations.

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