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In June, GE Aviation delivered a custom built used CF6-80C2 engine to 3TOP Aviation Services as part of its TrueChoice Transitions agreement.

Under the TrueChoice Transition agreement, GE Aviation acquired a used CF6-80C2 engine and overhauled it based on the 3TOP Aviation's requirements using a custom workscope with high-quality OEM material, delivering it when the customer wanted at the agreed price.

"The acquisition of the CF6-80C2 engine is in line with our strategic plan to continually acquire targeted assets and fulfill our goal of becoming a strong and reliable industry source for engines and other major assets," says Chris Emechete, managing director and CEO of 3TOP. 

"The GE Aviation team went above and beyond with their support, responsiveness, and timely delivery of our engine to accommodate our changing needs and showed why they are truly a first-class service provider," he adds.

"As an established and fast-growing part of the aviation market, we look forward to working alongside 3TOP and supporting their growth over the coming years," says Jean Lydon-Rodgers, president and chief executive officer of GE Aviation's Services organization.

Similarly, GE tailored a CF6-80C2 used engine for Icelandair late last year, which was part of an effort to reclaim in a variety of ways several engines that were retired by a large airline and initially planned for teardown. And GE is currently in discussions with several cargo carriers to offer a similar solution.

About TrueChoice Transitions

TrueChoice Transitions includes a range of options for changing ownership horizons, such as green time leases, used engines for sale or exchanges and material buy-back, plus customized workscopes with shorter builds and maximum used material. All TrueChoice engines have the full benefit of being TRUEngine qualified. 

For lessors, GE offers products specifically designed to accommodate a change in owner or operator. Each of the TrueChoice offerings is underpinned by GE Aviation's data and analytic capabilities and experience to help reduce maintenance burden and service disruptions.

About 3TOP Aviation Services 

3TOP Aviation Services is a fast-growing aviation asset management company specializing in airframe, engine and general commercial aviation aftermarket inventory support solutions. 

For more information on custom built used engines as well as additional TrueChoice Transitions services, contact David Fisher at GE Aviation.