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Aug 06, 2012

Protecting Curiosity

Lockheed Martin’s aeroshell is about to be tested during Curiosity’s fiery plunge through the Martian atmosphere. The 14.8 ft diameter heat shield is....More
Aug 06, 2012

Curiosity attracts Hollywood

Just to confirm a few of tonight’s other stars – aside from Curiosity itself – the Hollywood actors, producers and TV personalities here also include....More
Aug 06, 2012

Stars come out for pre-Curiosity landing show

Nichelle Nichols - known to Star Trek fans around the world as Lt Uhura - lends her support to the pre-landing excitement at JPL. Just 2h 8min away....More
Aug 06, 2012

Hip hop hops aboard MSL bandwagon, front man and founder of the hip hop group Black Eyed Peas, music producer and the best-dressed rapper in Pasadena, breaks the Curiosity....More
Aug 06, 2012

Target For Tonight

Two and half hours to go and counting…   All systems remain good to go for the ambitious landing attempt of Curiosity just around two-and-a-half ....More
Aug 05, 2012

First Indication

PASADENA, CALIF. - Controllers at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory here won't know until a little after 1:30 a.m. EDT Monday at the earliest if the....More
Aug 05, 2012

Planetary Protection

PASADENA, CALIF. -- The big Mars Science Laboratory rover is heading "right down the pipe" to an on-target rendezvous with the planet Sunday night,....More
Aug 04, 2012

On Target

PASADENA, Calif. - NASA's Mars Science Laboratory is performing perfectly, and the weather on Mars is cooperating, for a landing in the planet's Gale....More
Aug 04, 2012

Moment of truth approaches for NASA's Mars mission

Doug McCuistion, Mars Exploration program manager at NASA HQ makes no bones about the uncertainty involved in the upcoming landing attempt of....More
Aug 01, 2012

The Challenge of Nine

Congratulations go to SpaceX for a successful unmanned freight delivery to an orbiting space station, a capability that the Soviets/Russians have....More
Aug 01, 2012

Non-Planetary Resources

An interesting new business has recently received considerable public attention. Planetary Resources is looking for ways to harvest mineral resources....More
Jul 30, 2012

Russia's Progress 47 Cargo Craft Departs Space Station for Final Time

 Russia’s much traveled Progress 47 cargo capsule has departed the International Space Station for good, freeing the Russian segment Pirs docking....More
Jul 30, 2012

Progress 47 Returns to ISS with Successful KURS-NA Performance

  Progress 47 nears ISS docking. Image Credit: NASA TV ....More
Jul 27, 2012

Japan's HTV-3 Berthed to ISS

Japan's HTV-3 berthed to ISS. Image Credit: NASA TV Astronauts aboard the International Space Station berthed the third of Japan’s automated HTV re-....More
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