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Tamir Eshel

Tamir Eshel
Elbit Introduces Hermes 45 STUAS 
Elbit Systems introduced its new multimission small tactical unmanned aircraft system (STUAS) at the recent Paris Air Show.
IAI Ready For Even More Growth 
Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is looking ahead to further growth and higher profits.
Elbit Grows Strike Weapon Portfolio 
Customers now "demand smaller, smarter and cost-effective weapons that can hit ad-hoc moving targets," an Elbit official says.
Elbit Expands Strike Weapon Portfolio
As dumb bombs are disappearing from most markets, precision has become the yardstick for modern weapons.
Oscar Making Maritime Surveillance Smarter
As a maritime domain awareness system, Oscar helps surveillance operations to focus on illegal activities at sea.
IAI Is Ready for Even More Growth
Already positioned as Israel’s largest aerospace company, Israel Aerospace Industries is maintaining momentum as it strives to achieve solid profitability and efficiency.
Sharper Eyes For Standoff Strikes 
Litening 5 offers groundbreaking new capabilities, enabling users to extend target detection and recognition beyond 100 km.
IAF Spreads Its Wings for 2020
The introduction of the Lockheed Martin F-35A Adir is the most significant generation leap for the IAF, but it is only part of a constant change, and of the air force’s preparation to meet future challenges
Sharper Eyes for Standoff Strikes
Litening 5 offers groundbreaking new capabilities, enabling users to extend target detection and recognition beyond 100 km.
India Wants IAI TaxiBots For Airports
Israel Aerospace Industries has an agreement with India’s KSU Aviation for operating TaxiBot vehicles at the New Delhi and Mumbai airports
Smaller and Smarter Bombs
The emergence of sophisticated spoofing and jamming technologies means weapon systems relying on satellite navigation like GPS and Galileo are asking for trouble.
Bigger Rockets Against Tougher Targets
The Israeli Air Force has tested an air-launched heavy rocket that was jointly developed by Israel Aerospace Industries and Israel Military Industries Systems.
Israel To Moon By 2019
Israel plans to launch a miniature spacecraft to the Moon by early next year. The craft will be launched as a secondary payload on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.
Finland Selects Gabriel Missile To Replace RBS15 Mk3
Finland has selected the Gabriel advanced naval attack missile by Israel Aerospace Industries to replace its RBS15 Mk3 on Hamina-class stealth missile boats.
Israelis Scramble To Close Drone Gap
Recent tensions in Gaza and the Golan Heights involved extensive use of low, slow and small aerial incendiary vehicles such as drones, kites and balloons.

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