Stephen Trimble

Stephen Trimble
Podcast: United Technologies, Raytheon and the A&D M&A
Practically no one saw it coming, but everyone could feel its implications. What does a possible Raytheon Technologies mean for A&D?
Podcast: Will Boeing Deliver on T-X Promise? 1
Aviation Week editors discuss Boeing’s T-X pitch and past record of delivering on the major programs.
Missile Shoot-Down Paves Way For Aircraft Laser Pod 
A ground-based laser weapon has shot down multiple air-launched missiles in a successful test of a surrogate for a planned aircraft-mounted demonstrator.
DARPA Hints At Future Platform For Army’s Mobile Hypersonic Launcher 
A new solicitation document identifies a possible platform for the U.S. Army’s mysterious ground-based launcher for hypersonic weapons.
Podcast—DARPA’s Future; Boeing’s Production Woes 11
Where the Pentagon is focusing cutting-edge R&D and what Boeing is telling investors about its airplane production crunch are the focus of this week’s discussion.
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