_Adrian Schofield

_Adrian Schofield
International Flights Not Viable From Perth, Qantas Chief Joyce Says 
The airline has axed direct international flights from Perth as part of its efforts to slash A$2 billion ($1.8 billion) in costs.
Qantas To Begin Job Cuts With Managers And Support Staff 
In its first step to reduce support staff, Qantas has asked for volunteers to accept a layoff.
FAA To Complete ADS-B Integration By 2019 
While the ground network for the U.S. automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) system is close to completion, the FAA still faces years of work to integrate ADS-B data into air traffic control operations.
Strong Airline Involvement Boosts U.S. Data-Link Program 
Airline participation in the U.S. trial of air-ground data communications is increasing steadily, and airlines are already signing up for the subsequent operational deployment phase of the program.
Eurocontrol Prepares To Launch Centralized Services Bidding 
Eurocontrol is about to begin the contracting process that will allow industry consortiums to provide air traffic management functions on a pan-European basis. (British Airways A318 photo: Airbus)
FAA Prepares To Move Forward On Tower ATM Project 
The FAA will soon launch the contract process for a major tower-based air traffic management initiative that has been delayed significantly in the past. (Photo: NATCA)
SFO To Use Aerobahn System During Runway Closure 
Saab Sensis has been awarded a contract to help San Francisco International Airport (SFO) cope with delays related to a major runway closure, following the success of a similar project at New York Kennedy International Airport (JFK).
Mexico Launches Air Traffic Flow Initiative 
Mexico is planning to deploy its first air traffic flow management (ATFM) system under a deal with Airbus ProSky, as the country looks to give controllers more tools to handle rapid traffic growth.
Exelis Edges Closer To Completing ADS-B Network 
Exelis Corp. is poised to complete the rollout of the vast majority of a U.S. automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) network, which will be by far the largest such system in the world. (ATC tower: FAA)
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