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_Frank Morring Jr

_Frank Morring Jr
Classified Spacecraft Tracking, Measuring Bolides 
NASA’s Near Earth Object (NEO) Program has released a map of the impacts that include representation of the energy released, citing "U.S. government sensors" as the source. Missile-warning spacecraft such as the Defense Support Program and Space Based Infrared System would be able to generate the mapping data.
Unexpected Dust From Mars Comet Had Potential To Damage Orbiters 

A heavy load of dust cast off by the comet Siding Spring 2013 as it hurtled past Mars last month could have damaged the fleet of scientific orbiters circling the planet, had they not tweaked their orbits to be as far away from the potential danger as possible.

Orbital Drops AJ-26 After Failure, Looking for Alternate Launcher to ISS 13
Orbital Sciences Corp. plans to re-engine its Antares launch vehicle and use one or two alternate launch vehicles initially to meet its International Space Station resupply commitments to NASA after last week’s launch failure.
Advanced Additive Manufacturing May Drive SLS Engine Development 
A high-tech version of 3D printing additive manufacturing (AM) that uses lasers and metal instead of heat and plastic may shape the rocket engine that ultimately powers the heavy-lift Space Launch System.
Capsule Choices Will Limit ISS Payload Returns 
NASA’s commercial crew program is in court now, so the lawyers will get a say in deciding how the U.S. and its space-exploration partners will fly astronauts to orbit.
House Science Chairs Demand NASA Briefings 
In an Oct. 21 letter to NASA administrator Charles Bolden, the lawmakers complain their staffs have been rebuffed in requests for more information about NASA’s selection of Boeing and SpaceX to build the next U.S. human spacecraft under Commercial Crew Transportation Capability contracts, and about other human-spaceflight work.
Sierra Nevada Thwarted In Commercial Crew Stop-Work Litigation 
A federal claims court judge has rejected Sierra Nevada’s effort to shut down NASA’s commercial crew vehicle development effort until the Government Accountability Office (GAO) decides the company’s formal protest of its loss to Boeing and SpaceX in the Commercial Crew Transportation Capability (CCtCap) competition.
Mars Spacecraft Survive Comet; Next Up: Science 
The comet Siding Spring 2013 whizzed past Mars on Oct. 19, leaving the constellation of scientific spacecraft orbiting the planet undamaged and beginning to transmit the scientific take from their unprecedented close encounters with an Oort Cloud object.
Two Ways To Space And Back - An Astronaut's View (Audio) 1
Michael Lopez-Alegria has been to orbit four times – three of them in a NASA space shuttle and once on a Russian Soyuz capsule. At the recent International Astronautical Congress in Toronto, the former U.S. Navy test pilot described the differences taking off and landing in the two vehicles. As you will hear, they are very different indeed.
All Eyes On The Martian Skies As Comet Approaches 
NASA and other space agencies operating at Mars are planning to put a full-court press on the comet Siding Spring 2013 when it passes about 87,000 mi. from Mars on Oct. 19, offering a rare opportunity to observe an object from the distant Oort Cloud that probably formed much earlier than Earth.
Solar-Powered Europa Clipper Could Fly Safety Through Plumes 
TORONTO – Engineers helping NASA develop a solar-powered mission to Jupiter’s icy moon Europa have concluded the proposed spacecraft, with a solar array/magnetometer boom combination 22 meters wide, could pass through the plumes of water ice that may be erupting from cracks in the frozen surface and stay on course.
Thomas Magner of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory told a symposium on Solar System exploration at the 65th International Astronautical Congress here that the “Europa Clipper” project passed i
NASA Halts Work On Boeing, SpaceX Commercial Crew Contracts 
TORONTO — NASA has issued stop-work orders to Boeing and SpaceX pending a resolution of Sierra Nevada’s legal challenge to the agency’s contract awards to the two companies in its Commercial Crew Transportation Capaiblity (CCtCap) competition.
The Government Accountability Office (GAO) will have until Jan.
NASA’s Bolden Planning To Visit China In November 
NASA Administrator Charles Bolden is anticipating a rare visit to China next month, despite the congressional prohibition on bilateral cooperation between the U.S. space agency and its Chinese counterparts.

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