Signature Flight Support’s latest expansion into Canada is part of an overarching and aggressive growth strategy the company has employed in recent years as the fixed-base operation chain seeks to fill in the gaps of its network for its customer base.

A licensing agreement with Skyservice helps accomplish that goal in Canada, adding licensed and branded locations in Toronto, Calgary and Montreal. This gives Signature a presence at the top five busiest business aviation airports in Canada.

But Signature Flight Support president and COO Maria Sastre says the additions – whether the acquisitions (Signature also this week announced the acquisition of the Wiggins Airways FBO assets) or licensing agreement – are not about numbers. The chain is already the world’s largest. “We don’t talk about numbers. We don’t talk about targets,” she says. Instead, the chain follows its customers. “We have very, very good information about where our customers go,” she says.

She cites the acquisition of Scottsdale AirCenter, announced in August after Landmark Aviation was forced to divest for the facility as part of its Ross Aviation acquisition. “We were thrilled about that acquisition,” she says. “We’ve wanted to be in Arizona for many, many years.”

While the Skyservice agreement fills in major centers in Canada, Signature also has made a concentrated effort to expand in the Caribbean. Next up will be next month’s opening of a new fixed-base operation in Turks and Caicos. This follows the recent acquisition of FBOs in Antigua, St. Kitts and Nevis.

Signature also is concentrating in Latin America. The chain already has a presence in Brazil through a relationship with Lider. Sastre says the focus will be on other parts of Latin America.

Backing all of this is Signature parent BBA, which indicated last year that it had an investment capacity of well more than $300 million available. Sastre concedes that of the BBA operations, “we have a lion’s share of the investment.”