New services and products being unveiled here at NBAA by Satcom Direct will cement the company’s position as a single end-to-end source for all business aviation connectivity needs, from infrastructure and hardware to cybersecurity.

Highlights include the launch of SD Xperience, an umbrella that includes “agnostic” consulting to help customers determine the best equipment and services for their connectivity needs; the development of a new flat-panel antenna to bring high bandwidth to smaller aircraft that cannot fit a tail-mounted antenna; and the launch of cloud-based SD Scheduler to support synchronization of flight departments and their aircraft.

Satcom Direct will also announce its appointment as master distributor of the Intelsat FlexExec Ku-band network with by-the-hour pricing. It will use an Astronics T310 terminal. The service is currently being tested worldwide by Satcom Direct in a Gulfstream, and will be fully available after the end of Q1 next year. Its addition will complement the services it offers from Inmarsat (Jet ConneX) and Viasat Ka and Ku band.

The new SD Xperience brand, says Satcom Direct, will customize end-to-end solutions that combines data, airtime and communications services, aircraft connectivity hardware, and flight operations software, underpinned by flexible pricing plans to simplify connectivity and operations through a fully synchronized suite of products. Pricing structures can be tailored to each individual customers usage and need.

Because SD Xperience is an integrated suite of services available from a single trusted source,  customer service is seamless and Satcom Direct is in control of all elements of the end-to-end solution, says chief commercial officer Chris Moore.

SD Scheduler is designed to support evolving synchronized flight operations with the ability to integrate third-party partners; at launch these will include CAMP maintenance and SD FlightLogs.

It also integrates with SD Pro to give full visibility of pre-flight to post-flight, and ongoing flight operations to deliver more informed operational decisions, planning, budgeting and personnel tracking.

SD Scheduler is currently being implemented with the first 12 customers, and is now available to other flight departments. 

Moore is particularly excited about the flat-panel antenna, being developed with QEST of Germany. “It’s a game-changing technology that will really deliver a five- or six-megabit service to a small airframe down to Citation CJ1 size,” he says. Unlike other flat-panel antenna, this one has been designed for small business aircraft from the outset rather than being scaled down from commercial aircraft. It should available in the next two years, he adds.