Take a slow look around the interior of your average business jet. Are most of the lines straight, or of constant curvature – a bit, well, “samey”? Contrast that with the concept interior for the BBJ MAX 7 highlighted, the creation of Sky Style, a U.S. company founded by Argentinians Lucas Columbo and Max Pardo.

Using experience gained with layouts for aircraft up to Embraer Lineage 1000 size, the pair have employed appealing, irregular shapes to create the impression of greater space. Or, as Columbo expresses it, “a space you would not like to leave.”

Boeing invited Sky Style to submit a concept for the MAX 7 as part of its policy to sponsor new interior designers for the BBJ. However, the artists have had engineers looking over their shoulders during the process, and despite some complex folding and tucking-away of tables and furniture, there is nothing impractical, or uncertifiable, about the result.

Carbon fiber, veneer, aluminum and LED lighting are the standard materials employed, and with the present design catering for 11 passengers, weight is not going to be a problem.

The first MAX BBJ was flown by Boeing earlier this year, but in mid-length -8 configuration. Next will come the MAX 9 and, eventually, in 2021, the MAX 7. That said, the Sky Style interior is modular and could rapidly be expanded to fit the larger interior, if a discerning customer steps forward.