Aircraft hull values have dropped to a point where a $500k+ cabin system replacement is not an economically sound decision, while extensive market analysis says that few aircraft owners of midsize to ultra-long-range-class aircraft built between 1995 and 2010 will spend more than $250k, or 10% of the aircraft’s value, on a new cabin management system. And then there are smaller companies and private individuals able to afford a $1.5 million business jet but not a new cabin.

“The business aviation industry must drive cost out of the aircraft system evolution to enable the older aircraft to continue to fly and have economic value to the owners,” says Scott Taylor, Business Development Leader at Innov8, which aims to do just that with specific, low-cost products based on latest and Wi-Fi technologies.

He estimates that more than 8,000 aircraft built from the 1990s through 2010s are facing obsolescence and functionality issues in the cabin. They are still equipped with VHS, audio cassettes, CD, DVDs, with entertainment and management control functions integrated using the same hardware platform and network, but passengers now prefer to carry on their own devices for productivity and entertainment. These not only provide virtually limitless content – they provide it on brilliant, high-definition displays and on devices the passenger uses frequently.

This, says Scott, renders much of a cabin management system obsolete and rarely used, except for features such as moving map, external cameras and satellite TV.

Given that older airplanes usually have Internet access, cabin functionality can be bought at a reasonable price, says Taylor. Innov8’s latest solutions can be seen at Booths C8121, N3132 and N3521.

• CFLEX Simplicity products include USB chargers for personal electronic devices and arms to hold them. Recent projects on a F2000EX and a GIV-SP have expanded the number of aircraft employing the hands-free use and efficient charging of the Simplicity products.

• CFLEX Cast effectively breathes new life into old cabin entertainment management and cabin control systems while affordably and flexibly integrating into existing customer cabins, says Taylor. The CFLEX Cast product line enables current and future sources of entertainment to be wirelessly distributed to the PEDs on the aircraft, including the new CFLEX VŪ bulkhead monitor replacement products from Innov8. CFLEX Cast achieves a truly “wireless cabin” capability, and it does so in an affordable, flexible and supportable manner, adds Taylor. “What people want is to get on the airplane, have their iPad instantly connected, streaming content, searching the web, doing email, and they want to be able to charge their devices.”

• CFLEX Command replaces cabin switching devices, many of which have failed since new or replacement parts have become very difficult – and expensive – to find.

The cost? “We’re working with our dealer network; we’re determined on having a system with a flyaway price of less than $300,000, and that will be arms, holders, chargers and the wireless cabin,” says Taylor. Ten aircraft of five different types have now been equipped with Innov8 products since their rollout at last year’s NBAA convention.