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Lee Hudson

Pentagon Editor,
Aviation Week Network

Based in Washington, Lee covers the Pentagon for Aviation Week. Prior to joining Aviation Week in June 2018, Lee was at Inside Defense where she was managing editor for Inside the Navy.

Lee has covered Navy and Marine Corps issues since 2011, reporting at the Pentagon, Capitol Hill, aboard ships and military facilities around the U.S.

Previously she worked as a staff reporter at The Daily Review in Morgan City, LA, covering local government and crime. Lee graduated with a B.A. in Mass Communication and Marketing from Loyola University New Orleans.

MDA Terminates Boeing Redesigned Kill Vehicle 
The U.S. Missile Defense Agency has canceled the Redesigned Kill Vehicle subsystem and will kick off a competition for a new, next-generation interceptor.
Northrop Grumman B-21 Will Apply Lessons Learned From B-2  8
The U.S. Air Force is taking lessons learned from the plagued B-2 development program and applying it to the B-21 Raider.
B-21 Development Applying Tough Lessons From B-2  2
While it is unknown when the B-2 will retire, the aging stealth bomber may end up flying alongside the B-21.
Infographic: A Guided Tour Of Lockheed’s THAAD Interceptor Facility  2
Pentagon Editor Lee Hudson joined the first tour of Lockheed Martin’s THAAD facility in Troy, Alabama.
Pentagon Conducts First Post-INF Cruise Missile Launch 
On Aug. 18, the Pentagon conducted a successful flight test of a ground-launched conventional cruise missile with a range of more than 500 km (300 mi.)—a weapon previously banned under the now-defunct Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty.
White House Informally Notifies Congress Of F-16 Taiwan Deal 
Senior U.S. lawmakers are praising the Trump administration for green lighting the proposed sale of new F-16 fighter jets to Taiwan after the White House informally notified Congress of the $8 billion deal.
F-35C Squadron Stand-Up May Be Delayed 
The U.S. Navy and Marine Corps warn that reductions to the Lockheed Martin F-35C would delay establishing a second Marine squadron by up to one year and cuts to the Northrop Grumman E-2D Advanced Hawkeye would prevent using the aircraft in high-threat environments.
Cuda-Armed F-35 Model Shown By Mistake At Missile Defense Event 
Lockheed Martin displayed a rarely-seen F-35 model loaded with four Cuda air-to-air missiles at a large missile defense conference in Alabama last week, but there is no link between Cuda and a missile defense application, the company says.
U.S. Navy Advanced Arresting Gear Cleared To Recover ‘Props and Jets’ 
The U.S. Navy’s Ford-class aircraft carrier Advanced Arresting Gear system has been approved to recover all “props and jets,” an aircraft recovery bulletin says.
USMC, Navy Forewarn Congress On Readiness Budget Cut Impact 
The U.S. Navy and Marine Corps are forewarning Congress that reductions to aviation readiness budget line items in fiscal 2020 would have major implications.
USMC Asks Congress Not To Slash Counter-UAS Buy 
The U.S. Marine Corps is pleading with lawmakers to not cut nearly 40% of its fiscal 2020 purchase for its only counter-unmanned aerial system program of record.
Pentagon Eyes Investment Support To Rebuild U.S. Small UAS Industry 
The U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory is seeking information on the domestic capability to produce small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) and components.
U.S. Navy Alerts Congress Cut Could Delay MQ-25 Deployment 
The House Appropriations Committee’s mark of the fiscal 2020 defense appropriations bill cuts $80 million from the Boeing MQ-25 Stingray, citing excess to need.
U.S. Navy Rallies Congress To Fund Hypersonic Strike Development 
The U.S. Navy is rallying Congress to not cut fiscal 2020 funding for weapons programs like the hypersonic glide body, which if the reduction stands would delay the program for a full year.
USAF Quietly Awards Tetra-3 Contract To York Space Systems 
The USAF has quietly awarded a contract to York Space Systems using its Space Enterprise Consortium for Tetra-3, a microsatellite that will be used to prototype missions and tactics, techniques and procedures.

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