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Lee Hudson

Pentagon Editor,
Aviation Week Network

Based in Washington, Lee covers the Pentagon for Aviation Week. Prior to joining Aviation Week in June 2018, Lee was at Inside Defense where she was managing editor for Inside the Navy.

Lee has covered Navy and Marine Corps issues since 2011, reporting at the Pentagon, Capitol Hill, aboard ships and military facilities around the U.S.

Previously she worked as a staff reporter at The Daily Review in Morgan City, LA, covering local government and crime. Lee graduated with a B.A. in Mass Communication and Marketing from Loyola University New Orleans.

USAF Awards Adversary Air Support Contracts 
The U.S. Air Force has made an initial award of $15.8 million to seven companies to provide advanced adversary air and close air support threat services under a contract with a maximum value of $6.5 billion over five years.
F-35 Full-Rate Production Faces Delay, DOD Says  4
The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter full-rate production decision, which is slated for December, may be put off for up to 13 months because of delays with integrating the Joint Simulation Environment (JSE).
U.S. Army Still Tackling Pilot Shortage 
The U.S. Army says its biggest challenge in addressing the global pilot shortage is retaining pilots who are mid-career level warrant officers.
U.S. Army Says Aviation Modernization Costs Unknown 
The U.S. Army has acknowledged that it will not know the costs of modernizing key aviation assets until the service begins negotiations with select companies.
U.S. Army Will Update Space Training Strategy 
The U.S. Army is updating its space training strategy to reflect the service’s role in the Indo-Pacific region.
Defiant Returns To Flight After Gearbox Delay 
The Sikorsky/Boeing SB-1 Defiant is back flying after a delay caused by “joint creep” identified in the propulsion system testbed gearbox.
USAF’s Once-Troubled HH-60W Evolves Into A Model Program  4
The lesson of getting the U.S. Air Force’s Combat Rescue Helicopter effort back on track is a back-to-basics approach to program management.
Boeing Declines To Disclose FARA Details 
Boeing is maintaining a veil of secrecy surrounding its design of the U.S. Army’s Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft, and is the only vendor that has not disclosed details of its offering.
U.S. Army Maintains FLRAA Still A Joint Program 
“We’re still partnered very much so with the Marine Corps and SOCOM on this effort,” an Army program official tells Aerospace DAILY. “We’ve promised to be overly transparent and overly communicate to make sure everyone who is partnered with us feels like we are taking their positions and points into account.”
U.S. Army To Deploy FTUAS For April Demo 
The UAS are the Martin UAV/Northrop Grumman V-BAT, Textron Hybrid Quad Aerosonde, Arcturus UAV Jump and L3Harris FVR.
Podcast: A Big Lift For Army Aviation?
As the Association of the U.S. Army’s annual meeting set to begin on Oct. 14 in Washington DC, the service’s leadership has embarked on the most ambitious modernization agenda for the aviation branch in over 40 years.
DOD: U.S. Will Deploy Air, Missile Defense Assets To Saudi Arabia 
The Pentagon will deploy additional U.S. forces and equipment to Saudi Arabia to defend the nation against Iran.
SDA Submits $11 Billion, Five-Year Budget Proposal 
In a draft budget proposal, the Space Development Agency (SDA) is asking Congress for more than $11 billion over five years to plan, design and deploy large constellations of satellites.
USAF, Sikorsky Turn Around Troubled HH-60W Program 
The U.S. Air Force and aircraft manufacturer Sikorsky turned around the troubled HH-60W search-and-rescue helicopter program in 12 months and shepherded the new aircraft into production on time.
Bell’s ‘Affordable’ FARA Prototype  1
Bell unveils its 360 Invictus, which is the latest contestant in the Army’s Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft competition.

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