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Aviation Week Network Announces 20 Twenties Winners for 2018

Top Technology Students to be Honored March 1 at Laureates Awards Gala

Aviation Week Network, in collaboration with the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), announced today the winners of its awards program, “Tomorrow’s Technology Leaders: The 20 Twenties.”

The awards recognize students who are nominated by their universities on the basis of their academic performance, civic contribution and research or design project. More broadly, the program is part of an over-arching effort to bring together technology hiring managers, students and faculty to recognize the full circle of what is required for business and academic success. The students begin building a network comprised of the technical experts who have built the industry, the universities gain visibility for high-quality educational opportunity provided to the students, and hiring managers gain knowledge about the best of the best in the next generation of aerospace talent.

“Universities around the globe nominated their top students for the 20 Twenties recognition, which is built on three pillars of what the aerospace industry values most – learning, civic service, and high-value research,” Greg Hamilton, Aviation Week Network president, said. “This year’s nominees and winners definitely reflect these pillars while also bringing to the fore the innovation and creativity that are hallmarks for this generation.”

“This year’s 20 Twenties winners are outstanding students that reflect the passion, talent and intelligence found within the aerospace community,” said Daniel L. Dumbacher, AIAA executive director. “Not only are they making significant contributions to aerospace, but each is working within their community to make the world a better place. They are uniquely worthy of this honor and recognition, and AIAA is excited to shape the future of aerospace with them.”

This year’s recognition program had qualified nominees from 36 different universities. The winners will be honored during Aviation Week’s 61st Annual Laureates Awards March 1 at the National Building Museum, Washington, DC. The 2018 20 Twenties winners are:

  • Aaron P. Aboaf, University of Colorado - Boulder
  • Alexa Aguilar, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Matthew Asper, University of Virginia
  • Estefania Bohorquez, University of Central Florida
  • Nicholas A. Branch, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Arthur J. Brown, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Luke Bury, University of Colorado - Boulder
  • Rosemary K. Davidson, University of Maryland
  • Jessica Lillian Dedeaux, Tuskegee University
  • Katherine Fowee, Purdue University
  • James H. Gong, Columbia University
  • Christine Greve, Texas A&M University
  • Namrah Habib, University of Arizona
  • Jared Ham, Colorado State University
  • Seamus Lombardo, University at Buffalo (State University of New York)
  • Matthew L. Marcus, University of Maryland
  • Kimberly A. Q. Rink, Purdue University
  • Jocelino Rodrigues, University of Cambridge
  • Kenneth Wayne Smith, Jr., Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Jeremy C. H. Wang, University of Toronto

For more information about 20 Twenties Awards, please contact Carole Hedden at Carole.Hedden@AviationWeek.com



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