Honeywell is promoting the improved version of its GoDirect Flight planner, which now includes route optimization according to Eurocontrol rules in air traffic management.

The new technology was created to ease the burden on pilots and dispatchers who are tasked with planning flights in Europe, a congested and often restricted region. It saves operators both time and money with more efficient routes, the company says. It promises a 90% route approval rate.

“The European region is a congested and complex airspace, but that doesn’t mean operators and pilots need to settle for the current state of affairs when software, connectivity and analytics can deliver better routes with higher confidence,” said John Peterson, vice president and general manager, software and services, Honeywell Aerospace.

With the new route optimization technology, Honeywell’s GoDirect Flight planner aligns to Eurocontrol's established business service and ensures that more than 22,000 unique routing rules and constraints are obeyed.