Don’t you just love the guy who can’t decide whether he’s in the fast lane or the slow lane? Or the one who seems to be broken down by the roadside, then fixes his problem and shoots straight across into the outside lane? The following survey examines newcomers to the business aircraft market, but contains so many stop-go, fast-slow projects that it could be a treatise on weekend driving.

In aviation programs, though, erratic behavior is more often the consequence of financial fluctuations than gremlins in the gasoline flow. Projects that seemed to be blissfully coasting towards first flight or certification targets suddenly have nothing to report –except, perhaps, that all previously issued date estimates should be increased by one. Others, apparently languishing in the Doldrums, miraculously produce a prototype or two and relaunch into frenetic activity.

But let us not induce pessimism. Of six aircraft struck from the survey since the last EBACE, hope has been (temporarily) abandoned only for one. The remaining five are now certified and in production. Not a bad outcome. Here they are:

Props and Turboprops

Personal Jets

Very Light and Light Jets

Midsize and Super-Midsize Jets

Ultra-Long-Range Jets