Manuals and record-keeping have become increasingly complex in all areas of business and general aviation, from operations to maintenance. But with digitization, data can be accessed, updated and stored more efficiently than ever before.

Some 43 years ago, California-based ATP (it stands for Aircraft Technical Publishers) set out to create a single-source library service for aviation technical and regulatory publications using computer technology. ATP is now the premier provider of content management and services, from maintenance and compliance tracking to inventory management, for business and general aviation manufacturers, owner/operators and maintenance organizations. It has 23,000 users in 96 countries.

Meanwhile, in Sweden, four-year-old Web Manuals has become a fast-growing European leader in providing aircraft operators and maintenance organizations with digitized documents, manuals, and safety and regulatory alerts. The firm recently extended its cloud-based services into the U.S.

ATP and Web Manuals said here that they are joining forces to digitize and streamline the management of operating manuals, including the ability to author, distribute, and update content with vastly improved efficiency, cost-effectiveness and control.

“Both ATP and Web Manuals are helping the industry evolve through digitization and interconnectivity of workflows, processes, and data,” said ATP CEO Charles Picasso. “It’s clear the rate of complexity and change in the industry will continue to rise. To keep pace with these changes, our customers will need to be more pro-active in managing their operating manuals and related documentation.”

Bringing together the two companies’ cloud-based solutions should help clients drive greater operational efficiencies, boost regulatory compliance and improve collaboration with their customers.

“The partnership represents a strong fit with ATP’s new vision of unified process management—enabling maintenance providers to drive dramatic improvements in productivity, cost savings, and aircraft utilizations, while also preventing costly regulatory lapses, Picasso noted.

Said Martin Lidgard, CEO and founder of Web Manuals: “We’ve already gained significant traction in the U.S., and we are confident that we will be able to accelerate our momentum through this partnership with ATP.”

ATP will be offering Web Manuals’ functionality through the ATP Aviation Hub cloud application.