Czech Republic’s OK Aviation Group has been commissioned by Piper as an authorized training center, offering European Aviation Safety Agency-approved services for current Meridian, M500 and M350 production aircraft.

“With the availability of specific training courses, we anticipate additional interest and investment in the versatile Piper product line,” Simon Caldecott, president and CEO of Piper Aircraft, said Tuesday at EBACE.

The M350 and M500 are developments of the PA-46 series, soon to be joined by the newly announced, $2.8 million M600 turboprop, also known as PA-46-600TP. Three of the last-mentioned type are undergoing intensive flying at Piper’s Florida headquarters, with an aim for FAA certification in the final quarter of this year. Piper will soon select and announce a training partner for this latest model.

Meanwhile, Europe has recently taken delivery of its initial M350 and M500, both of which have gone to the Czech Republic, while a second M350 is now in Denmark. Others are already in the U.S. But in a world “first,” a European owner has taken possession of the first production Archer DX following the April 17 issue of supplemental type certificates by the FAA and EASA. Launched in cooperation with Continental Motors last year, the DX employs a CD-155 piston engine running on either Jet A1 or commercial-grade diesel.