At Booth U029 in Hall 6, Bell Helicopter is showing the first Model 429 to receive a luxurious Mecaer Aviation Group (MAG) interior, comprising – in this case – four seats in “club” configuration with a cabinet and screen between each pair.

Dubbed “MAGnificent,” the interior was developed at MAG’s Italian headquarters and installed at Bell Helicopter’s facility in Prague. It incorporates a noise abatement technology appropriately called SILENS and an interactive, touch-screen-based In-Flight Entertainment Enhanced Lounge, abbreviated to I-FEEL. Customers may select from a range of seating configurations, amenities, fabrics and color options.

“We teamed up with MAG and decided Bell Helicopter’s Prague facility was the perfect location to install and customize the Bell 429 with Mecaer’s VVIP interior,” said Jakub Hoda, vice president and managing director of Bell in Europe. “Our Prague facility is centrally located to better serve our growing customer base around the world.”

“It is great to be collaborating with Bell Helicopter on installing this innovative interior in such an advanced aircraft,” said Armando Sassoli, co-general manager of MAG. “This is the first step in delivering our state-of-the-art product to eager customers and we could not be more excited to start this process.”

Mecaer, which has divisions in Italy, the U.S. and Canada, produces diverse aviation-related products, including noise attenuation, environmental control and inflight entertainment systems, as well as interiors for emergency medical helicopters.

The helicopter on show, from 2014 production, is the standard skid-equipped version, rather than having the optional wheel undercarriage available since last year. Bell 429s have a fully integrated glass cockpit, advanced drive system and WAAS navigation and IFR capability. Additional safety features include a collective-mounted throttle, damage-tolerant hub and rotor system, and energy-attenuating seats. They are the first helicopters certified through the MSG3 process, resulting in reduced maintenance costs for operators.